Thursday, October 7, 2010

what happened too the the to love ru that I loved

as you can tell I was anything but pleased with the new instolment of to love ru called motto to love ru and let me tell you Il be bashing this for a long time to come by the looks of the first ep but first hears a sysnopsis for this anime

A new anime adaptation of Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki's To Love-Ru -Trouble- manga. This one is supposed to follow more closely to the original manga than the first series did.

yes thats all they gave us when I red this I was thinking "okay so thar going to retell the story that fallows the manga more cool" but what I got wasint a retelling but a sequel a porly dune one at that right of the bat this is not a anime that can bring in new vewers becuse to even figer what the fuck is going on youd need to have watched the anime and atlest know sum of the manga becuse withing the first 5 minets we are intradused to 3 chariters that wher never in the anime who are treeted like thy have allwas been there and the reson for that is this anime seems to take place one year after lala comes to earth so yes all they did was plop us into the midol of the story with people we woodint know unless we read the manga (this is not how you name a sequel it coses plot holes!!!!!!) since I read sum of the manga I knew to of the new chariters and was abel to acsept them but people that didint mite have a hard time

now onto my other gripse with this the first of witch is the new art the color palot is pastel and varry flat unlike the vivied colors of the origanol and then thares the op and ending Im not ushaly one to complain about stuff like this but the new op sucks in comparson to the and as for the sound track I didint even notes any BGMs at all they wher that bland

and now on to my bigist gripe with this anime this is sumthing that bugs the fuck out of me to no end and relly has no fucking exscuse for haveig it and thats magic light beems as censor bars it hase no place hear what so ever the only time that can work is if thy are ner a windo or out fuckng side witch wasint the cass in this anime if you need to censor your stuff thats one thing but atlest be alil cerativ I meen god even air gear had the crow this was the bigist "fuck you" that you can do to a fan and if this censor isint from xebec but from the brodcaster Im sorry but relly even in the bath seen insed of mist they used fucking a beem of light

but dispite all the gripes I have with this as a instolment to a franchis as a stand alone anime it not that bad Iv defanetly watched wers and Il cuntinue to watch this becuse I do like the story so I give matto to love ru 6 WTF beems of light out of 10

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