Monday, August 31, 2009

tips on how to get thew a con

her are sum tips that will help you get this a anime convention in one pice take them to heart becuse if you barke sum of this tips and you may end up in a gury

1:dont mass with a persons cosplay we work hard on them so dont just come up to us and say our cosply sucks or mess arowd with it(I have hit people for that)
2:dont forget your bage without it you whont get in
3:if you plan on buying stuff bring plenty of mney and dont buy from indrasty vanders(theyl rip you off)
4:bring a book for the lines(after AB08 il never forget one)
5:whater bottels and a co goers best freand (tri halusanating from heat strock or dihiydation in a con full of peope dressed up in overly elabret costums its scarry a hell)
6: stop glomping people(no serusly stop Im sick and tierd of geting tacold into a stone piller)
7:dont haras the panolists and indasry workers(they work hard)
8:350LBS guys stop cosplaying as salor moon(I relly dont need to see that agen
9:if with frads dont be an ass you mite get dicheched
10:dot just go to a con to call anime fans geecks and losers becuse you whont leve the convention hall atlest not without the add of a gurny

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