Friday, October 30, 2009

oky this is seusly making me question wether humanaty has a futcher

Around 1 a.m. the other night, Keiko Ito showed up at her workplace wielding a hand-saw roughly 23 centimeters in length and sporting a snazzy motorcycle helmet and face mask. I should probably point out that those would have worked a lot better if she had robbed someone she didn't know, but whatever.

After "locking" the only employee on duty in the freezer, she tried to make off with nearly 220,000 yen. At least she went after a reasonable chunk of change. Unfortunately for her, the employee managed to escape the freezer and subdue her before she could get away.

why rob the place you work at whar people acholy know you

story from japanator

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ECO (east cost otaku) ep1 update

well its almost hear the first EP of the ECO podcast and well Im exsited beond all belefe i meen I have fans on youtube for my reviews and top ten lists and it seems like people are acholy starting to visit this site to but this stuff with the podcast is sumthing new all togeather as it stand thar re going to be two plases ware the podcast will absalutly be put up one is zun and the other is youtube I will trie to get it on iTunes as well cunsitering thar being a shorteg of quolaty genarwel anime bodcasts thar but yea wev been geting reddy for this for a wiol now we have a forum up for lisaners as well as a group on MAL(my anime list) so you can live us feed back and tell us topics you mite like us to talk abowt as well as the first EP layout dune hell we are evin useing my old high schools TV room to record it thow we whont be abol to every EP so i apolagys in advans for the cang in sound quolaty but yea we are gana work our hardest to give you guys the best damned podcast we can so untell that join the MAL group and the forum links below

ECO forum
ECO MAL group

Monday, October 26, 2009

anti prireting for anime I whoner if itl work this time(I serusly dout it thow)

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun paper reported on Monday that five major Japanese movie and anime companies are collaborating on a countermeasure initiative against domestic and overseas Internet piracy. Through the Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA), the initiative will automatically search for videos that were submitted without authorization and demand that site administrators delete the unauthorized materials. The participating companies include TOHO, Studio Ghibli, and Sunrise, and the association is exploring the possible future involvement of commercial broadcasters and record companies.

The initiative will start with the monitoring of 10 to 15 works, such as Ponyo and Mobile Suit Gundam 00, on major video-sharing websites in China in the middle of November. Thereafter, the system will expand the number of sites it monitors to those outside China.

NHK News reported on Tuesday that over 38,000 Japanese-animated videos are distributed without authorization on the Internet every month. The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) and other participants began the month-long survey this past February. According to the survey, these unauthorized videos are seen about 69 million times.

CODA is a private umbrella group of 22 companies and 20 organizations involved with content and copyrights in Japan. Its stated goal is "to stamp out piracy and promote the legal distribution of Japanese content, in particular in Asia."


yep Iv finaly gone back to the origanol SDF macross and I have fallen in love with the franchis once agen evin dispite being made i 1982 it relly servise the test of time I will be doing a full review on my youtube chanol and be puting it up hear

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

cop swips 25 pars of panties

Wow. Serving the public and serving your sick fetishes at the same time, eh?

While at a scene on an investigation, 26-year-old police officer Yuki Miyamoto thought he'd grab some little girl panties when no one was looking. He snuck into an apartment where an investigation was going down and grabbed 25 pair of panties. 25 pair!

This girl must be some kind of perv target because police were there to talk to her after she was flashed by some strange man earlier that same day. During the house visit, Miyamoto said he had to investigate her room. Later that night, after bathing, the girl noticed that all of her panties were gone.

Okay, two things:

First, who has 25 pair of underwear? And secondly, what did he need with 25 pair?

from japanator

Monday, October 19, 2009

oky Im starting to lose hope for the humen race now

It's one thing to hate the status quo, but it's another thing to do the exact opposite of what is needed to change it, which is pretty much what a Akihiko Naito of Osaka went and did.

He apparently hated being single so much that, to improve his chances, decided to slash a woman from behind with a box cutter while riding his bike.

He had this to say once caught by the cops:

"I can’t get a girlfriend because women always turn me down. I thought this would make me feel better. I didn’t target any specific woman. Anyone would have been OK."

He could have at least started by using that "anyone would have been OK," attitude in trying to get a date, rather than moving straight up to deadly force. Priorities, man.

story from japanator

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ex japanses prime minaster a voice actor !?

Not-So-Daily Link of the Day: Junichir┼Ź Koizumi, the charismatic former prime minister who was the last Japanese head to serve more than two years in office, will be making his voice-acting debut in Daikaij┼ź Battle: Ultra Ginga Densetsu The Movie (Giant Monster Battle: Ultra Galactic Legend The Movie). Koizumi will play Ultraman King, an ancient Legendary Hero in the Ultra family. The live-action special-effects film will open in Japan on December 12.

Due to his high visibility during his 2001-2006 tenure, Koizumi has appeared in both anime and manga, although Koizumi has never performed as a voice actor until now. Hideki Ohwada's Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku "politics x mahjong action" manga (pictured at left) will be adapted into an anime. In this political parody, Koizumi plays a special form of "mahjong diplomacy" against foreign adversaries such as George W. Bush, Kim Jong-il, Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, and others.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

new SD gundam baced off the sangoukuden model line

The Bandai booth at the 49th All Japan Plamodel Hobby Show has announced on Thursday that an anime adaptation of the BB Senshi Sangokuden model line has been green-lit. BB Senshi Sangokuden is an SD Gundam model series that re-imagines Gundam mobile suit robots as characters in the classic Chinese novel Sangokushi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms). More details will be provided at a later date.

SD Gundam's retelling of the Sangokushi tale has already been adapted before in the 1993 Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival film and various manga. A manga called BB Senshi Sangokuden ~Senshin Kettou Hen~ has been running in Kadokawa Shoten's Kerokero Ace magazine, and the next three monthly issues will bundle special BB Senshi Sangokuden cards.

This year's hobby show will run from Thursday to Sunday at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan.

story from ANN

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CQ web comic

oky sum of you mite have notest that i hace links to a coppel of web comics on my blog one of witch call questanabol content or QC for short this has to be my favret web comic for more then one resum first the group of freands that it focusis on reminds me of me and my freands in vage ways the second resun it love it so mutch is it takes place in MA witch so hapens to be the state I live in Im haff exspteting to trn the corner in boston and see a coffe doom

Saturday, October 3, 2009

black rock shooter is gana be an anime

this is the first time in anime history that I know of that a sone chariter has been made into a anie serres for thows that dont know black rock shooter is a song song bye hastumi miku in the vocalod music sofftwar somone conposed and made the vid for it and since it introducktion to the net I have seen abowt 5 reedarations for it and looks like its acholy going to me made into an anime and it also looks like the aimes OP is going to be the achuwel black rock shooter song take a look for yourselfs I willput up new info as I fid it

Thursday, October 1, 2009

well looks like gantz will ending in japan soon

Manga creator Hiroya Oku has returned from a three-month hiatus to launch the "Final Phase" of his Gantz psychological adventure manga. The final arc begins in this year's 44th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump magazine on Thursday. Gantz had been on hold since the 31st issue on July 2 so that Oku could prepare for the final arc. The manga follows a young Tokyo man who is reanimated after a deadly subway accident. Kei goes on violent, seemingly endless missions at the behest of an unseen host.

Dark Horse Comics announced at Anime Expo 2007 that it licensed the manga for North America, and it will publish the eighth of the 26 current volumes next month. ADV Films released Gonzo's television anime adaptation of the manga.

story from ANN

crono rusade TAS ep1 out

som of the people that com to my blog mite not know this but Iv resintly began geting into voice acting so I did sum trie outs for sum TAS animes and I got casted in two of them one is music parits mobil suit gundam the 8Th MS team TAS and the other is crono crusade the TAS in 8th ms team I play nickcard the macanic and the other is almost all the demons in feudalfans crono crusade TAS and the later came out today so I figerd i put it up