Friday, September 28, 2012

otakunick review Binbougami ga!

 wow gess I am rely getting back into the swing of things posting more and more reviews. Whats this not the 3rd one in less then a week oh well Il just keep this momentom going as much as I can. So yea todays review is Binbougami ga! a  Comedy, Parody, Supernatural from  Sunrise.

  First things first the plot At the expense of the people and things around her, Sakura has absorbed so much "happiness energy" that she has caused an energy imbalance in the world. In order to return balance to the world, the Poverty God, Momiji, sets out to take away Sakura's ability to absorb this energy. Will Momiji be able to put a stop to Sakura's absorbing abilities, or will the God succumb to her happiness? This plot is farly bare bones to alow for mor gags and jokes. Thow from what I hear in the manga the story shifts from a Parody to more of a shonan fighting show. So if this show where to get a new season  I would exspect it to do the same witch may or may not hurt it in the long run but for now its just a funny story.

   Like I sed befor this is a Sunrise anime witch is best know for well the gundam animes but also action, sci-fi animes in general. But they do a fine animation job on this show the fast pace antics of this anime seems to suit sunrises animation styles just fine. And the charter desings dont seem to have been changed all that much from the manga. Witch makes a fairly fathfull adaptation for on the hole.

   The music is probly the week point of this show. Aside from fun Op and Ending shongs the sound track is rather bland just your basic scores. nothing thats gana make you go out and grab the OST.

  But where the whare the sound track drops the ball the voice work picks it right back up. This has to be sum of the best Voice work Iv heard all year evry voice fits every charter 100% from  Momiji's crash and jaded scorn to to bobby's lecherous tones it just works who ever was incharge of fining the voice actors for this show should get a bonus for sending casting calls to just the right people.

  Over all I rely enjoyed this anime I never once felt like I had to watch this and alwas cound my self looking foreword to each ep and if you if your a fan of over the top no stop funny anime like excel saga(but more cunsistint) then this is a anime for you .

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

otakunick reviews Wasurenagumo

Hey guys its otakunick again still working thew the backlog of animes that I had watched wall on my brake today its Wasurenagumo. One of the four anime works that each received 38 million yen (about US$470,000) from the "2011 Young Animator Training Project." Just like in 2010, the animation labor group received 214.5 million yen (US$2.65 million) from the Japanese government's Agency for Cultural Affairs, and it distributed most of those funds to studios who train young animators on-the-job.

   Wasurenagumo is a story about a middle aged used book store owner and his assistant. Who one day release an ancient spider demon from an old book the shop owner Suzuri Shu acquired for a privet collector. From there its a story about them tiring to sell the ridiculously cute demon away again be for it begins devouring people as it did in times past.

  Now then the animation is your standered production I.G art and by that I meen it looks good everything is animated well and thar are absalutly no real issues but as I stated in the first paragraph this OVA was brout about by up and coming animators so the art style is a bit ruff around the edges in fact this OVA kinda feels like what youd get if production I.G outsorced to studio Ghibli

the music thow used sparingly was good the OST contains a nice mix of more traditional Japanese scores to sum newer sounding stuff. But sum how remains consistent and blend well my favret of song would be the ending witch sum how manijes to sound bot traditional and new at the same time. Making shore sum thing that can be listened to constantly at lest for me.

The voice work is good the charters have sum pretty exserinsed talent behind them and every one seems to be having sum fun. So yea the voice work gets a pass but the only time you rely have to worry abouce bad dubs is when you get into the ENG dubs of anime.

Over all I think this is a OVA that should be seen. Not for anything ground braking it dose but just simply for the fact that for a 25 OVA it dose a good job at telling a story. A story mind you that feels like it should get atlest 2 or maby 3EP but they did great with what they got and deserve to have this seen.

Monday, September 24, 2012

otakunick reviews (code geass Nunnally in Wonderland)

Hey guys otakunick her with a new review for you today its the new code geass OVA Nunnally in Wonderland. the story is as fallowed nunnally and leluch are relaxing in a Meadows sumwar talking and as they talk nunnally asks leluch to tell her a story like he did when they where still kids. And leluch being well leluch he gos overboard and uses his geass to comaned the inter cast of code geass to act out the story he narrates and the story in question is alice in wonderland thow replacing alice with nunnally and all the charters from the show show up as difrent charters from the story.

   Now then the first thing you might notest about this OVA is the animation or the lack thare of. It seems that sunrise has desied to make this like one of the CD dramas from when the show was still airing and I have to say it works. If thare was one thing rely wrong with code geass it was how the charters tend to move and thats thanks to clamps original charter design. they just dont animate well never have but using vary little animation to the point that only sum seens even have any movment bast fading in or out rely works in the OVAs vafer. but dont get me wrong its not all stills thare are sum animated sceens and I have to say they are all the more fun with the overall lack of animation. As for the art over all its just as good if not better then the TV animes like I sed befor clamps work alwas looks beast when still it alows them to get as estravagent as they like hence all the concept are for code geass looks great but when its animated it tens to loose almost all detail and I have to say if this was animated normaly it would look no ware ner as good.

  Next on the rundown is the voice work. Its alwas fun to see voice acters acholy have fun with the roles they play it gives a wormth to the production thats rely needed. And if the cast for this OVA just phoned it in like so many do for little projects like this I dont think I would have liked it. And on a persanal note i happy to hear Norio Wakamoto as Charles zi Britannia once again hell I just love hearing norio wakamoto in genareil hes probly my favreat VA and just like in all his other roles he rely steels any sceen hes in. 

Now then the music has to be the weekest part in the OVA not because its bad oh god its just as good as the anime is fact thats the problem it is the animes sound track all the OVA dose is rip tracks from season one and twos soundtracks without adding anything new. Witch is to be exspected I held no delution that they would do anything els but still it would have been nice to hear sum new tracks see to how Nakagawa, Koutarou would deal with a alice in wonderland.

Over all I liked this OVA its only 28 minuets long and for fans of the show its fun to see witch charter plays witch in fact befor watching the OVA I made a list of who would be who and I sugest you do too.

holy shit I am still alive

Thats tight guys its otakunick and I am indeed still alive. I know its been a long time since I last posted. But feer not my forced hiatus is over and Il be back going reviews for you soon first three up on the list are gundam age accel world and eureka seven AO

Now then your all probably wondering just why I havent been around in what nerly 8 mounths. Well to be hounest I had to move back in with family and well I was in a bit of a depretion. So I rely couldint muster the will to post but Im back now so look forwored to mor post hear and more rants on youtube.