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lol sorry I cudint resist becuse of what Im reviewing to day and that wood be the tengen tapa guren lagann-hen moview thats right I got my hands on it thanks to thows wondafull guys at bullet speed subs and they did a great job on this the text fit the anime perfectly but you didint come hear to listion to me rant on abowt a suber you whant to know if the guren lagann movies werth watching

well it is if only for the new seens aside from thows its just a compalation movie that sadly has sum editing problums but that didint relly bather me becuse of the new seens witch as i sed are the main reson sumone will watch this becuse this movie is not for people that havint alreddy seen TTGL becuse the movie starts right at the f order)battol for tappiln(note this is the second moviehavint goten my hands on the first yet so the review will be out o arownd ep 19 or so and dus not exsplane whats happens befor so basickly this moview was make to make the ending evin more bad ass witch it did and the animetion was great dispite having sum editing problums witch all compalations movies have the animeations is clean and fluint and pushed my grafics cards limits witch can handol upwerds to 720p witch is what this movie is saposed to be at so over all tengen tapa guren lagann-hen gets 9 giga drill brakers out of 10

Monday, January 25, 2010

key anime review

I played with the idea of doing sumthing like this for a long time and Iv finaly desied to do it so let me just get sum stuff out thar first off I am a key fanboy witch is the resun i havint dun this sooner becuse how can I give a far and non biust review and be a fan boy but dispite that fact I will trie my hardest so lets get started Im going to put this in order of relese

first off is kanon 2002 I have to say this is keys werst anime its 13 eps witch is defanetly not anuph to tell kanons story and the are is probly the wers of the time i meen serusly Iv seen anime in the 90s and 80s with better animation but over all this is a good anime the story thow didint get anuph eps told the story and since this was thar first anime I can forgive the animation but givein the chos betwin this and its 2006 conterpart Id go with the 2006 vetion

next we have air witch came out in 2005 the first thing they inpruved from kanon 2002 was the animemation its still not the best animation of the year but defanetly an upgread from kanon thow the EP count is still to short 13 EPs agen witch isint anuph time to get atached to any chariters or evin give a shit abowt the story thow with its light ep cunt coms a light price this wood be a more economicly freandly boxset and with no better vetion out (as of yet) I cant find a resun not to buy it

now we have kanon 2006 this is the definativ vetion of kanon it fixis all the problums that the preveus vetion had the animetion thow like air not the best is leeps and bounds beond its 2002 conterpart and the EP cont has dubold from 13 to 26 alowing for you to relly get a feeling for the charitrs and story witch is geart becuse this is one of the 2 animes to make me cry and if I had the money for it id go out and but the box set right now

and finaly we com to what I cunsiter the best of all the key works and pasably my all time favret anime clannad this is going to be alil difrent becuse clannad unlike the others is separeted into two season clannad and clannad after story the first season clannad came out in 2007 and this was when I was first starting to fallow anime as they aird in japan I have to say at the time I didint think mutch of clannad becuse I was on a gar(manly anime) kick and Id yet to see manly romance anime so I stoped it arownd ep 20 but when my freand who was also a big anime fan told me that it got a second season I not only finished it but rewatched it completly rewatched it and this was in 2008 I acholy started rewatching it the day the 3erd EP of after story aird and this time I I was more familer with love storys and slice of life anime and my opinyon whent from why the hell am I watching this and whars the figting to dear god this story is great it relly hits me and right after I started to watch afterstory becuse I had to see what happend to the chariters and thows that have seen my clannad rant nows what happens and thows that havint Im not saying youl just have to watch it and find out I menchod herlyer that kanon 2006 was one of the 2 animes to acholy make me cry well afterstory is the other infact it mad me cry 3 time and not just alil misty eyes i meen balling serusly cry my eyes out snot driping crying the story and the chariters hit me that hard and to this day I still cry at thows seens not as bad but still hard sadly this anime hasint been relsed with a ENG dub and well we all now how good indastry subs are but I can tell you this the day this anime gets dubed it the day you see me on the news for streking in the streets in celabration (that is ofcorse if they got a good cast)

now thar are sum more stoof from key but this are the 4 main animes that wer relesed the other stuff thats out thar is a kanon OVA(baed off of the 2002 ver) a air movie(just a compalation movie) a clannad movie(a retelling of clannad with art closer to that of the game thow story not as clost to the game as he anime) and a side story from clannad (basicly tomoyos rout from the game) the resuns I didint review this are becuse I dont see them as inportent things in the key line manly becuse they dont relly do anything to advans thar respectiv storys in a sugnifasent way like kanon 2006 did for 2002 but thar all good in thar own ways and worint a watch

now your probly thinking this is all keys got well your wrong becus in Apr 2010 key will be puting out angel beats this is my most antisapated anime of the upcoming spring line up thow I have one mager problum with it the EP cont gos back to 13 witch is a mager sep backwerds from kanon 2006 and clannad witch bolth had log serres kanon 2006 with 26 and clannad with two seasons of 24 each I dont know mutch abowt the story thow so mabby it will work but im not geting my hops up

so in cunclutionI have to say if you whant a good love story that will make you cry thars no better company then key

Friday, January 22, 2010

K-on live house OVA

well evryone I just finished watchig the new k-on OVA properly named live house and what can I say I liked it I know I havint dune a proper k-on review but I figerd with season 2 on its way Il get that in with the first thouts on season 2 so itl be a 2 in one review but for now lets just consentrat on this review

the first thing that cout my eye was this OVA dus not have its own OP or ending them it barows the second haff OP from season one as well as the ending theme on its own thats not that bad to have sum familer music but sadly this OVA suffers in the music department dont get e wrong I love k-ons music hell its one of the only musivc based anime I like but I wood have liked to hear atlest one new song but sadly thats wasint in the cards for this anime so I have to take this nagativ into my desistion later on

dispite not adding anything new in the sound department this OVA was just as injoyabol to watch as season one yui is still a cute idot mio is still shy when it comes to praforing mugi is still her ushawell rich girl self same with richan shes still hyperactiv and asunyan is still the cuteist mix of mio and yui witch i absalutly love thow you see mor mio in her in the OVA then yui

and know on to the story it seems to bick up arownd the end of Xmass and right befor newyars and the girls are invited to to a live show in this locole undergownd music club and ofcors mio whated to refuse but was cunvins to go by the others and well thars not mutch after that they just get reddy to play then play like one wood exspec but thats not the pont of the ova thew out the intier thing I notesed that the girls wer admiering how serus the other bands wer abowt playing so I belive this OVA was less abowt seeing the girls befor season 2 starts and more abowt seting them up to be more sereus abowt the band(well as serus as thows girls can get) witch I like to see thows that now me now I wasint the most thrild the way the second haff of season 1 whent (its was pretty mutch the same as the first haff but with a new girl) so Im relly glade the OVA is acholy seting the girls up to make sum progress over all I give k-on live house 8 loli band girls out of 10

retern of the lost post

yea you read that right this is the lost green green rant my good freand cloudsora fowndthis in my draft arkive and told me abowt it so Im posting it and Im so happy I didint loss this forever

okay just alil whiol agow I was on 4chans /a/ bord and sum how one of the theads maniged to get going abowt green green well this brout back tarabol imgs from when a freand of mine lent me the DVDs that he got at AB09 just abopel weeks befor ofcores I didint think that my freand was gana give me what he did and yes he did wron me abowt it but he forgot to menchon a sertun seen that has scard me for life and still leves me tarafide of bears and no I not scard thel eat me Im scard thar gana rape me thats right among all the sexule themes in this anime good old beastialaty wasint forgoten infact it head acopel seens in this so called anime and befor you get intarested no it wasint a girl that got raped by bears it was the main chariters 3 freands and if i cud find the seen on youtube Id put it up hear but the best I cud find was the op but trust me this is not an anime to watch when in public I made that mastake I watched the first disc on the train on my way to class and dear god I was so fucking lucky no one looked at what I was watching becuse if they did I wood probly be in jail for watching it in public but the werdist thing is dispit it mentoly scaring me for life I cudint stop watching it I have no clue why but once you start green green you cant stop

witch is werd becuse thar is absalutly nuthing in the anime that makes you think you shud cuntinue watching I think it just lors you in at a primol LVL just like how no guy can resist watching porn once you see it you cant look away its the same with green green it s not derected to any adiuns its derected right to the labito I say this becuse the intier story was cundensed into the last 2 EPs leveing us with nuthing but 3 guys going after girls wall this werd time travol chick gos after the main male eatch and evry EP the sadist thing is wat lil story they head if givein proper develupment had the makeings of a great love story one of witch youed exspect from KEY(youl soon lern just how badly I love KEYs work)but they just leve it as it it over all im not gana say avode green green but Im not saying go out and watch it this time its all up to you guys but be wornd BREAR RAPE

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

thouts on dance of the vampire bund manga

wow jut wow I just finished reading the first 5 vol of this manga what can I say its the best vampire story iv ever seen and its greatly difrent from the anime vetion the gust started to aired and nether vertions disapont thow I have to say the manga holds my atention alot more then the anime so for the sake of the review the manga vetion is saperer to the anime and for thows that dont like scanlaters this manga is in the US iv seen vals 1 and 2 in stors I just got it scanlated becuse Impor and have no muney but on with the review

After millennia in hiding, Mina Tepes, the Princess of the ancient covenant and ruler of all vampires, wants change. Using the vast wealth of the Tepes line, she has paid off the entire gross national debt of Japan and in so doing, gained the authority to create a "special district" off the coast of Japan that is to become the future haven to vampires the world over!
Now, on the eve of the landmark press conference announcing the existence of vampires to the world, terrorists and rival factions are plotting to assassinate Mina Tepes before she has a chance to make her world-changing announcement. and all thew out this a yung man named Akira Kaburagi is by her side ackting as her knight in shining armor

over all I am loveing this manga and will cuntinu to read it to the end espesholy after the last arc I just read the thars no way I can just stop reading it as far as i know this isint in any weekly jups or anything like that so I may have to wate a munth or two for the next VOl to come out but when it dus be shore Il read it and stay arownd for my full review when its completed (when ever that may be) so dane of the vampire bund manga get 9 naked lolis out of 10

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Thoughts on Hanamaru Kindergarten

Honestly I did not expect to watch this show but while I was going through all the subbers comparing the quality of subs for each show this was one of those ones who only had on sub so I decided "Oh, what the hell, I'll just download this and watch it in between torrents." You can download Horriblesubs sub its pretty good honestly despite there name, Hanamaru Kindergarten (Hanamaru Youchien). Alright onto the actual review!
So it starts with the very basic "oh no the main character woke up late!" theme which is really overused but whatever. On the way to school he meets this little girl who was noticeably going to be the main character and from there it took the cute route. Seeing as I doubt you know this the Cute route is the way to make me love a show if you have cute characters doing uniquely cute things I'm going to at least like it but this show does it a bit better. The cast consists of
Tsuchida "Tsuchi" who is the teacher and main character I personally like his VA. Then there is Anzu she's the cute, energetic, and teach obsessed character her VA is good as well. There are Anzu's two Friends as well Koume who is cute, quite, and a kind of cry baby and from what I've seen of her VA i like her. Anzu's other friend is Hiiragi "Hii" she is the seemingly emotionless friend her VA is very good. The additional cast is are the other teachers Yamamoto, Kusano (my personal favorite adult so far), Kawashiro, and the Director other than that there is the Mother of Anzu who's name is Sakura the VA cast for secondary and supporting characters is pretty good as well.
The Art in Hanamaru Kindergarten is a pretty distinctive style it's a childish kind of shounen to the characters but everything else has this sort of light shoujo feel. The character's movements are smooth and detailed and facial expressions are very detailed... with the exception of Hii. There is one flaw though... scaling, the kindergartner's aren't even knee height to the adults... I don't know about you but my baby cousin is not 6 months old and he's roughly that big (roughly).
The sounds are pretty good they make it feel real by not exaggerating noises that people or things make so they are good. The music is good the bgm is good inside of the anime but it would be really bland outside of it because its supposed to be calm. The Ending is all that played and that was pretty good but once again not outside of it but this time because it sounds like little kids are singing it the animation for the ending is ok although weird.
Other than that I don't know what else to say besides I'm going to continue watching it because its funny, cute and slice of life and I'm kind of in the mood for that right now. 10/10(13 I'll explain my rating scale later)
P.S. The art after the ending and preview is what I posted with this review
If you liked Minami-ke and/or Kodomo no Jikan you'll probably like this because its like a combination of the two + a little Haruhi for the characters.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

first thouts on durarara!!

well guys i think I gust fawnd the favret anime of the season durarara is the most uiniquc anime Iv seen of the season with a story odly remanisit of the headless horsemen(that is if the horsmen was rideing a motorcycle and insted of hunting down icabod he helped people) and its all brot to us by the makers of bugipop phantom to this day the only mind fuck anime i cant quite understand not to mention this anime has a camio from horo well atlest a cut out of her(side not the people that did bugipop also did spaice and wolf)

the animeation is great the chariters look abit flat and undefind but it acholy adds to the art durara also dus sumthing that I havint seen don well since bogipop and that the plack BG chariters thats right only sum hariters have fashol detals and color(outside of gray) sumthing as I sed i havint seen dune right since bugipop

the music relly cot me on this one from star to finish the OST sounded great Il probly DL it when its relesed and as for the type of music its a nice alternativ and rock type that relly fitst the mood of the anime

the voice acting in this is good to with the retern of the japanese voice od light from death note as one of the main chariters

over all durarara gets 9 web chat rooms out of 10

first thouts on saikon no qwaser

its good as you may alreddy now this is one of the animes that stud out to me on this seasons list of new anime and it has meet my exspectations and then sum

the story is dark but not to dark to have sum fun witch i like becuse i think evin in a darker toned anime you need sum light so you dont get a feeling of dread and the only other anime I can think of to compar it to in its tone is D-gray man (only seen 5 EPs of D-gray but I can get a grasp o the tone of an anime fast)

the animation is done nicely evrything flows nicely no jiters or anything but then agen this is looking to be one of the anime with the larget bugit (this and dance of the vampiers bund) so thars to be exspected

the VA work is dune nicely and one of the main girls Mafuyu Oribes VA Fujimura, Ayumi will also be playing Mineva Lao Zabi in the upcomeing gundam unicorn movie so Il be paying extra atenchun to her voice

the OST is this animes weekness aside from the OP and the ending the sound trak dusint relly stand out all that mutch and thars acholy alot of seens with no BGM at all that cud acholy benafet from sun but thats just my opinon

over all this anime gets 7 tit grops out of 10

first thouts Ladies versus Butlers!

hey guys its me agin and well its another first thouts this time its ladies vs butlers and well this is acholy good dispite the premus of the show the furst ep had me holding my sides I dont think we will espect anything to great from it but for a time waster its a pretty fun watch and I needed a new take on the high school anime anyways

first up is the animeation well its pretty good thow more work whent into makeing the backgrownds look good then the chariters witch wher dune kinda lazoly and more then one chariter shar the same face but with difrent eye color and hair style and thar is one voice that relly dusint belong with its respectid chariter

speeking abowt the voices the VA work in this anime as as youd exspect from a run of the mill anime thar is sum VAs Iv seen in other anime including nagisas(clannad) Nakahara, Mai as one of the main girls and and melfinas Kawasumi, Ayako(outlaw star) as the second main girl the main guy in this anime seems to have yet to play any sugnifasent role and from his bio in MAL this seems to be the first time hes plad the main chariter

the music is pop(like we didint see that comeing) and workd well with the anime thow it dusint stand out by its self so I oodint go and look for the OST of it

over all I give this anime 7 drill pigtails to the ass out of 10

first thouts on chu-bra

yes i now on my wat Im going to watch list this was one i wasint gana watch but sadly all my subers are slow on geting the new EPs out and I was stuck with nuthing to do so I DLed the first 2 eps of chu-bra and as a reviewer I have to say this isint a completly horabol anime like I first thout it wood be but Im not saying its good by all meens its not Im just saying its not the worst anime to ever come out

the story thow not to my likeing and having sum serus problems may acholy pruve to be good for a few chuckols evin if its just at how bad the story is and the chariters are also varry stariotiacol for the animes premus witch seems more fiting for a hentai then an anime

te VA work if acholy one of the animes few good ponts the voices fit each chariter and the Vas themselfs acholy seem to to be takeing the job serus (if I was on the cast i can tell you I probly woodint be giveing 100% on an anime like this) and the music is fiting a bubboly pop type

so all in all if they work on the dialog and the story I can see this anime acholy haveing sum potenchol put I wont be holding my breath for it i give chubra 5 discrontoled A-cups out of 10

Monday, January 11, 2010

dragn ball evalution

I alredy new how tarabol this was going in but nowing how bad it is and seeing are to difrent things first off let me say that thar is no resun for anyone to see this movie it has no apele at all infact in my opinyon this movie shud never be talked abowt agen after Im dune with this review they completly fucked up gokus back story uzaru is no whar neer a big as he shud be and why the fuck is thar air bending in my dragon ball I meen that was never mentioned in the anime nonr the manga but let me stop ranting and acholy brack this shit piol down

CGI well its medioker looks tarabol the key looks like colord smoke piccalos demos looked like snot monsters hell the only good this was bulmas bicks transformation

acting well that was werst then the CGI not one of the acters gave a cunvinsing praformuns but then agen the story they had to work wit was complet shid well you now what im just gana stop this right now thats right the dragon ball movie dusint evin deserv a proper review

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Manga Reviewer Appears

Yo, sup I'm cloudsora this is my first post I'm now one of the contributors. I bet the first thing you noticed was my spelling is nice XP. Sry I had to nick.
But yeah to the point I will most likely review alot more manga than I will anime because I finish off a series in a short time I like to power my way through. I'm keeping it brief because I'm off to get Higurashi volume 4 at the store in a couple minutes but by the end of tomorrow I should have a manga review up so look forward to it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

first thouts on Omamori Himari

I wasint exspecting to mutch frum this anime and i was happaly saprised besides the obveus fanservus that in the anime thar seems to be a god story that gos alog with it the animeation is not the greatest thar is but its good anuph for the show and the musice is fun to sition to one of the only complants i have is why the fuck dus the main chariter looks like jesus yamato(kria yamato )from gundam seed I meen they look so alike they cud be twins (hey thats it yuuto is the missing bruther of kira and cagoli from seed) but besides that thats abowt all the problums I have with the show besides the detals of the demons or shud I say lak thar off

over all I gave it a 7 (yea I now all the anime from this new season have goten 7s but unlike the others I think this one will just stay at 7

first thouts on okamikushi

this is a Alternative setting to bolth higarashi and umineko so it safe to asum that this is another anime by ryukishi 07 and thar fore may have a simaler EP and arc set up as higarashi(by that I meen the repeting arc) manly becuse of how the begining of the first ep started with a larg forshadowing witch did not happen by the end of the ep so I perdict that it will be hapaing at the end of the arc witch in no meens a bad thing Im a big fan of 07 work I finished bolth higarashi(seasons 1,2 and the ova) and umineko witch have a simaler ep set up

the art is a step up from what iv seen in anime from this matriol evrything looks clean and crisp thow in the first EP thar was sum focus problums in action seens thow that cud be a gimic to highten the mood if thats it then yea it works if not its just anoying

the music is good aswell not a singol meody feels out of place and despite not being as dark as dance od the vampires bund its still a good lestion

i do have a grips with the main chariters desin he loos abit to girly for a highschool boy and now its not all the guys hes the only one that looks that way if thar wasint any zoomed out seens whar I cud see his hole body i wood swar the only way to tell hi was a guy wood to be hear him talk over all i gave this serres a 7 for its potenchol at this pont it can go ether way and get better or wers only time will tell but I have high hopes it pasably becuse of whar it comes from and parsholy becuse thar was so feww anime I thout wood be good this season so the last thing I wahnt its a droped anime

okay I squeld like alil girl thwn I read this story from japanator

That's right ladies and otaku, it seems that the mysterious power driving the Code Geass planning meeting has taken hold once more, announcing a new Geass for all lovers of CLAMP-designed noodle people to enjoy.

Unlike the shuriken-shooting Shikkoku no Renya manga project and the (thankfully fake) live-action film, this new Geass property is an animated one, and going by a low-resolution magazine scan, seemingly set in the original TV series' time period.

There's not much else to go on besides the exhortation that it will be a "BIG BANG ATTACK," and a "new birth," but I'm reasonably confident that much of what went on during the time period was explained. There weren't a lot of holes to be filled.

Personally I'd appreciate it if the backstory were filled in some more, like the origins of the Geass powers and why they're even around to begin with, but the pictures concentrate on Lelouch and Suzaku, so that seems like a relatively slim possibility.

What would you want to see out of a new Geass anime? A reboot? More trainwrecking? More Cornelia? Table-humping? Explanations of how Suzaku can wall-run, dodge bullets and do a flying quintuple spin-kick? I'm actually for all of the above.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

first thouts on Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

when I first saw on the roster for 2010 anime I thout heh souds like it cud be a fun watch like mabaraho and I was right it is a fun watch the first ep is a complet poler opaset to dance of the vampire bund(DVB) in tone music, chariter desine and colore palut

first off the musice is a up beat pop style of musice with sum rock type for sum of the fight seens and seens leding up to fights thow sum of the dialog dusint quite go with thous BGMs becuse of the storys over all camedic overtones but that was to be exspected

the art and colorer palut are just as up beet as the music with most of the backgrownds haveing a comic pontalisum feel to them witch in any other type of story wood feel out of place but I think it adds to the funny world this kids live in mutch like zetsabo senseis odd use of art but with more colors the chariters desine is nuthing seshol its just your avrig non realistic art style that we all seen mutch like mabaraho the chariters art loli or chibi just not super detaild witch for a serres of its type works

all in all i think this will be a fun show to watch its not grownd braking and will not define how comady anime will be dune but I worint it a watch with a 7 out of 10 and I think itl end up a 8 by the time its over but well see stay tune for my ferer thouts on the serres at its haffway pont

first thouts on Dance in the Vampire Bund

for a long time I new abowt this manga and evin read a copel chapters of it in the store but nevet bout it becuse evry time another monga I needed was out but now the anime vetion of the show has come out and it seems to keep the same feel of the manga witch is good becuse thats what dew me to it in the first place

the are is simaler to ride back as in its more of a realistic art style so the bodys have proper paportions with an over all mewted color palit like death note witch adds to the theme of the story varry well thow the first haff of the EP was abit dule it was needed to set things up for the second haff of the ep and subsaquently the rest of the serres

becuse this being the first ep thar was no Op(I now thars alot of animes that do have Ops in EP 1 but thar are quite alot that dont)
so I cant tell you what i think of that till I do my ferther touts on the serres at the haff way pont but the ending theme was relly good with a olternativ rock theme witch if its any indacater on what tone the OST will take Il be varry plesed becuse this show needs a havvy soude to go with the over all dark tone of the show

all in all I gave the first EP a 7 out of ten but if it cuntinus like I thick it will Im shore in my finole review this show will be geting a 10 I sagest ou fine this anime and watch it

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

looks like its back to school for me

thats right guys today marks the beging of my 2nd turm of year 2 for my school thows of you that go to my youtube alredy now what I go to school for and for thows that dont Im a student at NESOP(new englend school of photography) and Im curint ly in my last year that yes its only a 2 year school but thay cram you with more info into you in that time then mass art can in 4 but you guys are probly whondering why the fuck am I talking abowt my school on an anime blog well the anser to that is since this is my last year I need to bukel down and do my best so that meens I mite be slow with my posts on bulth hear and on my youtube but fear not that meens when i do have the spar time I will post motabol times if pasabol to make up for the slow posts and lastly sum blog news I am makeing konata the mascot for my blog so all posts like this will have a pic of konata with it if your wondering why its becuse ses my favret anime chariter and in fact she a female anime vertion of me down to the dreen eyes (Im working on the long blue hair i whana go as te male konata from the de-capo parody op then did in one EP)

Monday, January 4, 2010

haruhi update

buy now you all probly now of the new haruhi movie thats going to be coming out well I got my hands on a newtype japan layout and the sanopsus for the movie so all you harulights out thar be happy cuse you know I am jst like my wifu konata I love the haruhi anime (dispit endless 8 god if they evin bather puting out the dvd for that Il go insane I meen relly they cude have acomplesed what they whanted in 2 to 3 EP and it wood have been acseptabol I meen got god sace it was only 12 eps and they wat 8 of that on the ame shit )

On December 17, everything is normal. The SOS Brigade, led by Haruhi Suzumiya, plans to have a nabe party for Christmas. However on December 18, Kyon arrives at school to find everything has changed. Haruhi is missing, and Ryoko Asakura, who had previously been deleted by Yuki Nagato, is a normal student. Yuki is an ordinary human, and Mikuru Asahina does not recognize him. Only Kyon is aware that everything is different. The only clue is a bookmark left by the alien version of Yuki, which leads Kyon on a quest back in time, where he interacts with the storyline from "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody", trying to sort out the mystery and return to his own time line.

Friday, January 1, 2010

first AMV posts of 2010

if you ask my freands whats my absalut favret anime chariter is therd probly say konata from lucky start and thyd be right becuse shes praticly a animated female vertion of me so its fiting that my first AMV postes of the year wood be a konata baced one so hear of my 10 favret konata baced AMV not in any order

be worned not all the vids are the best quolaty

avatar review

well its the first reviw of 2010 and what better movie to review then the best movie of 09 james cameron' s avatar and what can I say he out did himself on this one same with the guys at weta this movie deserves evry bit of hipe it was giveing and then sum

the vishawol effecs where mind blowing for the intier world to be CG but yet look so real is amazing I meen I swar I cud acholy see the musol movement in evry liveing thing that was CG and the gunshipd wer well doon too the way they flew thew the air just beautiefull and it wasint gust the CG the live action actors that wher in the movie all did a great job inter acting with thinkg that whernt thar relly added to the movie as did the dialog man iv never in ly life seen a moview that had such a prodictabol plot(with inresun I meen Im used to anime hands you more plot twistes then M . night cood ever think of in his life so Im a pro at seeing thows coing)and yet still be so in ah by sed story (and I beleve it has a hint of enviermentol undertones in thar) not to mention the OST was amazing Im not one for geting OSTs I think I have like 5 and 2 of thous I got free with games and the others I torrented but Im acholy tinking of going out and buying this OST hell this is the movie thats guna make me buy a blue-ray player or atlest a PS3 becuse SD grafics just whont do for this movie to mutch will be lost and if any of you reading this can go see this movie i Imax 3D it will knock your soucks off I nerly got shell shocked from sum of the exsplotios

so in cunclution if your only going to see one movie this year see avatar its a movie that sapases all exspectations I had witch where hight to begin with and a movie that cant be placed on my basic 1-10 scoring list so its time for me to pull out thearaticol scorig card this is a once in a deacad 12 that meens this is the movie I will be conparing fucher movies to and not just sci-fis (that wood be 11 witch are ganra defining )but all movies I see from this punt on i look forwerd to what james cameron and the guys at weta come up with next and intell then stay tund for more reviews and rants