Monday, August 30, 2010

aragami ss (kaoru's arc)

hey guys sorry for not geting the project I promused up the files are giveing me a hard time so in the meen time its bisness as ushawell

Im bake with my second review on aramgami ss this time we will be takeing a look at kaors ark and I have to say thow I liked it alot it wasint anywar as good as harukas arc and then ending to the arc relly didint live up to the firsts ether I meen serusly the firsrt arc ended with a marig this one ended with a walk on te beach I know I shudint be to picky becuse I know how VN work thars alwas more then one ending but one seems to be a definativ ending I was hopeing that since they desied to go thew all 6 routs that this game woodint be like this but sadly it is and the anime has suferd from it by showing what I belev to be the definativ ending first if this is true then the storys in the next 4 arcs will also have this problem of not living up to the first arc

but anuph with the bad now for sum good like I sed I did relly ingoy whating this arc it was funny but it also had more drama in it then the firsrt arc and dispite a sumone disaponting ending compard to the first is was by no meens a bad ending to the arc as for the arc and music well its the same as the first arc good

over all aragami remands at 9 but kaorus ark gets a 7 it was good but sadly no ware as good as the first arc

Sunday, August 22, 2010

sorry fr the late post

Iv been working on sumthing for the blog and still am working on it Il be takeing this blog to the next LV soon if your whondering what that may be its a secret but lets just say it will help essy the pain of haveing to read my sucky spelling lol so be pationt and to thows that can crak my code youl know what the saprise is

Friday, August 13, 2010

sorry no post

yea one of my contriputers was sapost t post his review on star craft 2 but sadly hafter wighting it he forgot about it and when I say for got I meen he new he did a review but cudint remember what on so yea I dont have anything for you guys becuse I figerd hed have sumthing up buy now but sadly nuthing so Il start on a new review and have it up by the end of tomarow and agen sorry

Thursday, August 5, 2010

a anime with 6 endings

thats inpasabol right wrong thar is a anime with 6 count them 6 definativ endings aragami ss a romantic comady based after the PSP love sim of the same name desied to make it self stand out insted of just haveing one definativ ending they wood have 6 one for each female love intrest in the stoyry and right know your thinking nick you insufrabol anime adic how on earth will such a thing work ad Il tell you after a arc the story resets like higarashi (thow without the murder) and focuses on the next girl till all the storys are told Iv alredy finished one arc the haruka arc and I have to say this may be my favret of the arcs thow it may be to erly to say cunsitering its the ony arc to finish I am 1 ep into the koaru arc and it is relly good if you whant to know the story hears how it gos

Two years ago, Tachibana Junichi got his heart broken by a girl who didn't show up for a date on Christmas Eve. Now a second year student in high school, Junichi spends his days inside his closet planetarium, going to school and hanging out with his friends Tanamachi Kaoru and Umehara Masayoshi.

I know not mutch of a synopsis but thata how mutch of the story that stays the same in each arc and it relly works along with almost evry aspect of this anime sutch as the art is nice the animemation is clean and the music is good and hears sumthinf intrasting about the music each female chariter will sing thar ver of ending song its pretty cool

this anime tells its story in a way I have never seen out side of love sims and VNs that i had to do a molty rating on it the haruka arc it self gets 10 kisses to the back of the nee out of 10 but as a hole aragami ss gets a 9 so far if all the arcs are as good or better then the haruka arc I can see this being a 10 or hell do I dare give it a 11

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

fist week of work don

and I am fucking tierd being a bag boy is more tiering then I origanaly thout and I only worked 6 hours this week but I need the muney bad so i cant just quit sorry no reviews today I have a day off tomarow so Il tri and wright one so see you guys tomarow