Monday, February 22, 2010

its rely hear guys unicorn gundam ep one review

hey guys I just got dun watching the new unicorn gundam OVA and guys ITS FUCKING GREATthis may replace zeta gundam as my favret gundam show and hers he kicker its only 6 fucking eps with a ruing time of 60 min each hell the only way this cud get better is if tamino himself wrote the script but he didint

hears the rundown unicorn gunddam is Set 3 years after the events of Char's Counterattack (UC 96 CCA happend in UC93) a young man is caught in a deadly conflict between the Earth Federation and Terrorist Organization "The Sleeved"(mostlikely remnents od neo zeon)as they battle for an object that is said to have changed the course of Human history.

Based on the Novel written by popular Japanese author Harutoshi Fukui.

I cant relly tell you mutch abowt the story becuse honistly I know shit aowt it Iv been tring to get the novels for a number of years now(to no avel so if anyone has them in a zip file lease send them to me) so all the info I have are from blogs, forums, and podcast but if thars anything I can say its this if you cunsiter yourself a gundam fan you need to watch this is you cunsiter yourself a mecha fan you need to watch this the animeation is stuning I was litaroly speech less after watching this I went in thinking Id get alot os screen caps for the review I got three after that I completly forgot I was watching on my mac it pulled me in so mutch I meen since Im a be UC fan i new id like it but not sice the end of zeta have i been this pulled into a gundam hell not sice clannad after story have i been this pulled in to a anime right off the bat you care for the cast evin the ones that havint been named in the OVA yet and the mecha desin is just amazing anyone the bilds models will now the name kaitoki from the ver kai kits he desines well evry MS is a ver kai and god if it dusint look good

so over all I give mobil suit unicorn gundam 10 gundams!!!!!! out of 10

thouts on the ikkirousen XX(Xtreme Xecutor) promo

hey guys I just finished watching the new promo for ikkirousen XX(Xtreme Xecutor) and I whanted to shar what I thout this season look up to be just as good as the first 3 seasons

first off XX has alot better animeation the origanol DD or GG did and this will leed to more over the top fighting withch is good becuse what othther reson do we have to wat ikkitousen that to see Hakufu and the other betig the liveing shit out of echother

and speking of witch looks like well finaly be geting the epic showdown betwen Ryomou and Kan-u witch makes me happy becuse Iv been whaning to see this fight since season 1

so over all I have hi hopes for this season and if you havint seen ikkitousen I sagest you do it starts with ikkitousen then Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny and finaly Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

first chu bra and now this

serusly WTF I thout chu bra had a hentai sanareo B gata H kai must hav been a heantai in sum way shape or form I meen the fucking premus of this anime is and I quote "Yamada is a virgin high school student who dreams of having 100 casual sex partners. However, she ends up targeting and pursuing only one boy." you dont beleve me go to fucking anime news network

okay I know its probly not going to be that bad its a comady so the premuss of the story can be lakig and chariter develupmit isint relly inportent but lately thare has been a flood of mindluss moe and faping anime and Im relly geting tierd of it I relly whant to see more anime that makes you think abowt thing like monster, and old UC gundam hell evin the first 20 eps of macross 7 mad me think more then haff the stuff that hase been comeing out in resint years and its relly geting anoying becuse its makeing a new group of fans that cant see past fan sevus to truly good story for exsampol anime like evangelion is looked down at wall anime like kampfer is being looked at like it was made of pure gold so you can say Im less pised off abowt this inperticuler anime comeing out and more of another time slot that isint being used by a anime that cud relly be revalushanary

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

sorry guys nuthing new this week

I know im sorry school just relly hit me hard this week but fear not this next week il have a slew of haff way pont reviews for the 12 ep stuff im watching now

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

well its that time agen

thats right the spring line up is hear and this season is shaping up to be far better then the winter line up with a masiv amont no new anime wand only acopel sequels I myself will be waching 23 things on this line up (thats cmbinding serres,OVAs and movies) and if your whandering what reviews youl be seeing next season hears a list of evrything Il be watching

1 angel beats(its key what do you exspect)
2 arakaw under the bridge
3 senkou no night raid
4 ikkitousen(yes thars a 4th season)
5 B gata H kei (exspect a rant to be mad abowt this varry soon)
6 k-on season2
7 working
8 ichiban ushiro no dai maon
9 hakuo ki : shinsengumi kitan
10 saraiy goyou
11 kissXsis (the anime)
12 kissXsis(ova vol 3)
13 kaicho wa maid-sama
14 broken blade
15 ahiki
16 umi monogatari
17 gundam unicorn
18 aniarashiki no juuni-tachi
19 trigun badlands rumbel
20 votoms(gota watch the other votoms anime)
21 tails of symphonia
22street fighter
23 SD gundam sangokuden

Friday, February 5, 2010

why do i like lucky star so mutch?

this is a question I get asked alot online and well thar are sum resons beside that one of y favret female anime chariters is in it and its thows resuns Il primaraly be fucusing on in this post

first off it geard to people like me who can get most if not all the otaku refrinses in it like the EP whar konatas dad gos on a tangint abowt the difrins betwen UC and AU gundam anime or the time when konata askes kagami to get her the new lelouch manga and kagami had no clue what it was thow any one that watched or read it youd now konata was refering to the code geass manga

but its not just vag anime refinses that draws me to lucky star its also a varry good slice of life anime with a divers chriter roster with konata filling the role of the otaku, kagami being the levolheaded one, stukas being the cute idot and miyuki being the brainy yet moe one(thow thar all moe blobs) speeking of moe the art spends so mutch time makeing the chariters ovaly cute it hurts sumtimes I myself wood like to see how the lucky star grls wood look if they wer drawn in less of a chibi type desine and more realistic (thow that just me)

so now that you know sum of the driving facters why i like lucky star so mutch duse it still seem to you that i only watch it for konata or can you see my love for the anime is that love for the anime if not then that okay becuse yes besides thows resuns I watched lucky star manly for konata and her hijics can you plame me I meen relly can you shes my anime conterpart right down to the green eyes (thow Im a guy) and when you can idenafy with a cariter you cant just not like a anime and it dusint hurt that in abowt 20 years Im gana be konatas dad

Monday, February 1, 2010

dear good who ever thout this was a good idea shood be shoot in the head

thats right today I will be review quite pasably the wers squell ever made haruhi 2009 dear good I never was more discused with an anime in my life and the worst part is this anime go on the shit list becuse of 8 fucking eps thats right the natorus endless 8 witch had to been the werd idea in history or the bigist cop out in history I havint desied witch yet

ofcors its not all bad the animation quolaty is good and the va work is as good as the first season and the op them is nice sadly thats all that good about this sequel becus the storys shit they dont evin trie to move it forwerd and insted of tring for move haruhi and kyons relashinship along they deside to focus on the creation of te mikuro movie shown in ep0 of the origanol haruhi so infact this shudint hav been a seqell this shud have been a OVA and they shud have thown out the hole endless 8 and it cud have been gid
so haruhi 2009 1 byepoler bitch god out of 10 witch is sad becuse origanol harohi got 10 byepoler bitch gods out of 10