Saturday, December 25, 2010

its the 25 and that meens its christmas

so i figerd why not celabrat by doing a review on a anime the revols pretty much aound christmas and by that i meen amagami ss yes i know i was doing reviews for each arc and thows are still on thare way as soon as curt gets off his ass and wright the ones he sed he was going to but for now lets go with this

most of you probly now the basics of the story by now but for thous that dont her you go Two years ago, Tachibana Junichi got his heart broken by a girl who didn't show up for a date on Christmas Eve. Now a second year student in high school, Junichi spends his days inside his closet planetarium, going to school and hanging out with his friends Tanamachi Kaoru and Umehara Masayoshi.

After a chance encounter with one of the most beautiful girls in school, the third year student Morishima Haruka, Junichi finds himself spending time with her, carrying books for her or having her unexpectedly jump on his back and act as she's a jockey and he's her horse. Soon enough, Junichi becomes romantically interested in Haruka which leads to...

Amagami SS is based on a PS2 dating game featuring six different girls. The story of the anime is arranged in an omnibus format, with each heroine getting her own version of the story animated. Each heroine will sing her own version of the ending theme song.

now with that out of the way let me get into my thouts on the show i like the show its rely good not the best love story in anime (not by a long shot) but still worth a watch but thar are sum problems and one of them is the format one arc per girl was a nice idea but the constent reset of the world gets a bit tiersum after 25 eps and thars no reson for the reset in the anime like in higarashi thar was reson for the constent reset after a arc but in this anime its pretty mutch like ops this girls story is dune lets restart and tell the story agen with a difrent girl this mechanic works in dateing sime games becuse it give the player a chuse on witch girl to go after but in a anime its like being forsed to reply a game to get all the endings sum people like that i find it bathersum

now my second gripe with it and thats the hole the closer to the MC(main cariter) you wher the worst the ending you got and the less you new him the better ending im not going into detal on this but its sumthing that become painfully oveuse pretty erly on and it alows you to gage what type of ending each girls going to get

now that i got the problems I have with the show let me get into the things I love about it first off the cast is great each one of the girls has a certen sumthing to them that makes thare arcs fun to watch wether it be harukas im gana do whatever pops into my head that seems like fun or rehoko's i whant to diet but I love sweets so mutch hell even the cast memebers that dont have arcs are fun like junichis sister miya shes a riot thow her lauph gets on my nervs arter hearing it for a full arc and umehara is just a fucking bro all the way thew evryone has sumthing to them thats fun

the music is good i love the op's and endings (all 7 of them)and the BGM relly helps the mood along the art isint rely mutch to brag about but its good and the story telling for each ark is good as well i cud see any one of this arcs being abel to streached into a 12 ep serres over all i give amaghami ss 8 kisses to random body parts out of 10

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

heading back to school to becom the GTON!!!!!

thats right i am plaining on going back to school why you ask becuse as it stands i am makeing jack shit as a photographer so i figerd id go back to school and get a teaching dergrie and become a photogaphy teacher I know its sounds stubiped but i was thinking about doing this long befor I finished new england school of photography and by the time i did finish i figerd id mess around as a free lance photographer for a copel years and then go back and become a teacher

but sadly it has been over haff a year and iv only had 2 or 3 photo jobs and with the theft of my laptop witch had my intier portfolio on it I cant rely ably for jobs as a photographer so thats why i made the desistion to go back to school

right about know your probly worryed about whats going to happen to the podcast and blog well im not gana lie this will probly effact the podcast the number of eps we do a mutch will probly be become 1 insted for out reguler 2 and we may also be late on releses at times becuse of this but i can pramus you this I will not let otaku home die me and my cohousts have worked to hard to let it die after only 3 months and like alwas otaku home blog will be updated almost on a reguler bases

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

otaku home is 90% back online

for thouws that keep up with the home site's news or the facebook page you mite have alredy known that otaku homes main home computer(aka my laptop) was stolen from my home a copel days agow but thankfully i had alredy had a plain to buy a pc tower from my co host curt(aka cloudsora) becuse he had justy got a new pc ofcorse this wasint going to happen till after xmiss becuse he still had alot of stuff on this PC(still duse to) but becuse he was such a good freand he gave it to me sooner on the cundition that I dont tuch his files till he got the chans to move them witch ofcorse I have no problem with doing Im just glade to have a computer agin

so yesterday we set it up and now its time to rebild but your probly thinking but nick what about your photoshop you needint worry about that I know anuph gimp to use it as PS till I can buy cs5 fot this new pc and also this pc will now be otaku home home and with all the housts(sept 1) useing oc I can now have them edit sum of the segments for the podcast aswell witch now that im on a pc I will be working my hardest to figer how the fuck to get that on zune lol and with my new nikon D90 i will bring you guys new and fun HD vids on otaku homes youtube chanol

Saturday, December 11, 2010

the love story of a man a women and 12 katanas

I know the title of the post is stupid but its rely the best way to discrib this OVA in under 12 words

okay guys I just finished what is quite pasably the best OVA I have ever watched it tuk a year to finish(as in the last ep was relesed this munth) and I rely did not whant it to end but as the saying go's all good things must come to a end I gess that go's for stuff as great as katanagatari as well

like I sed this OVA is great and thats manly due to its story witch comes from it being a OVA based on one of Nisio, Isin who is also the Author of the light novel
Bakemonogatari(it two have a rely good OVA) but the funny thing is if you where just going by the Synopsis of the OVA and had no prier info on ishin's other works you mite just look this over I know I almost did and if you dont beleve me read it for yourself
"A swordfight story taking place in Edo era (17th - 19th century). Yasuri Shichika is the seventh head of the Kyoutou school of Japanese sword martial arts and lives in Fushou Island with his sister Nanami. With the order from a female samurai general Togame, he sets out for a trip to collect the twelve treasured swords created by the legendary swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki."

if you wher going by this alone it just sounds like a ganaric samurai anime but the story in its full is so good that the first ep draws you in and dusint let go till well after the end credits of the last ep and to show you what I meen Im wrighting this review up at 2:10 AM EST and I finished this ep at 12:00 AM EST what have I been doing for thows 2 hours crying my fucking eyes out just thinking of what I whent thew watching this 12 ep OVA(amung other events that happend that will not be menchuned) in this last ep all the emotions I felt thew the 11 preveuse EPs just fluded back at the end of this the story for this OVA is so good I cant put it on a 1-10 rating Id have to use my good fraind cloudsoras rating scaland give this a 13 for OVAs I rely cant think of a OVA that has a story that even cpms close to katanagatari's and yes that includes gundam

but we all now a story alone dusint make a OVA good you also need a good cast and I have to say thar isint a singol cast member I ether didint like or at lest respected them for thar convictions and thats 30+ Characters but my absalut favrets are without a dout Shichika and togame oh god a anime reviewer that love tha main cast members thats new hate on me all you whant but this two just work off eachother so well even when this OVA gets dialog heviy (witch it duse alot) the faceol reactions and body jesters work so well that you cant help but get cout up in the moment and this is only added when you facter in thar persanalatys togame being the brains of the outfit and Shichika being the brons it rely just works manly becuse Shichika in the begining of the story is dumb as a sack of bricks when it come to comen nolige but yet still sarp as a take when it comes to fighting(call it the goku facter)and ofcorse with her great brain togame comes off as a know it all but I have to say its so fucking cute how she acts when shes acholy pruven wrong or when Shichika ponts out sumthing she missed so with persanalatys like this can you blame me for loveing them

and speeking of loveing I absalutly love the sound trak of this OVA the OPs the ends the BGMs evry part of it is great the ops get you pumped for the ep from witch the BGMs draw you in to the story from how well they match the mood of the seen a well as do a good jobof merging into one a nother during a ep I can housitly say I cudint tell when one began and another ended they just blend so well and ofcorse the ending duse a great job of cooling your hot blood down after a great fight

and I have to say thar are sum fucking great fights in this OVA even for being a dialog heviy show the scripting for the fight seens are top noch the animemation is smoth without any giters or random cut aways the battel dialog is ushaly straight forwerd and to the pont but at the same time with certen chariters have deeper meenings to them that make you think over all thar was not a singol fight I didint absalutly love

now despite how mutch prase Iv been singing about this OVA it duse have sum problemsfirst off yes its a vary dialog heviy show each ep is about a hour long and a good 60 to 80% of each ep is talking for me I rely didint care becuse I love the non fighting seens as mutch as the fighting ones but for the vewers hat are looking for a havy action show will probly not have the atenchun span to watch this OVA the next thing is the art yeat another think I absalutly love but I can see how sum people will be put off by the chariter desings as they are abnormol to say the lest so if your looking for chatiers that look as detalid as say monsters you defanetly will not be happy with the art

over all I have to say go and watch this OVA even if thars one or two things you may not like about it Im posativ you will find atlest 12 things you love(number pun fully intended) so mutch so that if it duse come to the US(witch I rely hope it duse) you will probly be like me and be whating outside whating for the mail to arive to get your copy of the blu-ray dics regardless of the weather now with that sed I must go now and marathon all 12 eps of this amazing OVA again

Thursday, December 9, 2010

a never ending nightmare

to thows who know me its no secret that I love horror movies Iv seen all the greats friday the 13th halloween and of corse the nightmare on elm street movies witch is what Il be talking about in this review yea yea I know your thinking WTF 2 none anime related posts one after another well sorry but dispite what people on the net may think I do like stuff other then anime and I like to talk about them from time to time

now for on to the review a nightmare on elm street is a re-imagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people in their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality.(I know so origanol right) let me get out of the way and say if you seen one nightmare on elm st youv pretty moch seen them all including this one all the movies fallow a simaler pater kids sleep krueger kills kids find way to kill krueger rins wash repet the only reson to watch them all is to see how krueger kills thes people this is ware this move acholy meets its first down fall thars no real inmaganativ kills in this movie its all krueger just slashing and stabing no morphing no makeing sumone into a humen pupet nuthing

my next problem with this movie is the new look and actor for krueger the origanol krueger was played by Robert Englund as was evry krueger up till this new moview war they desied to go with Jackie Earle Haley
now dont get me wrong haley did a good job but he rely dusint have the krueger voice as englund did when I was watching the old elm st movies for the first time I alwas had nightmares thanks to englunds voice the raspyness of it rely pushed the fact that this guy was burnd alive ware as haleys voice relly didint do it for me his krueger vocie and is rachar voice are one and the same and yes the voice was raspy but it just wasint the same as when englund played krueger

the same gos for the face the new krueger looks fare to humen there was fare to much unburnt skin for my likeing and his nose was far to flat and ofcorse its not just the voice and the face that off about the new krueger is alot of the sutol movments and finger twiches that are gon it use to be any time you saw kruger talking he wood be flicking a finger or his wrist but in this movie we only see the twich once and its no so mutch a twich as it is him makeing a threat witch was a big turn off for me

thow even with thouse problems I do have to say it still feels like a nightmare on elm st movie and I do sagest that anyone who likes horror movies to atlest give it a trie

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ninjas. Damn...

Ninjas make everything better. It's a proven scientific fact. Whether it be dinner with the in-laws, church, political debates, or lack-luster blogs the addition of Ninjas can improve the enjoyment level by over 9000%. That said, movies that have Ninjas in them tend to be rather enjoyable for action fans all over. The most recent addition to the Ninja movie universe is The Warrior's Way directed and written by Sngmoo Lee (Don't ask me to pronounce it).

Before I get into it, yes I realize this is not the Gunpla review I promised back in oh..say, June. I've decided to finish up the current models I have now before I start taking pictures of them and such for the reviews. It might be a bit longer till they appear but I have not forgotten about them.

ANYWAYS! The Warrior's Way is actually billed as a "Western" genre movie. I find that hilarious because seeing Katanas swinging and Ninjas jumping all over the place in a genre that is usually filled with cliff-top stake outs and gunfights with Ind-...Native completely new to me. And come on, who didn't ever wonder what would happen if Cowboys fought Ninjas?

The movie starts out in what I assume is Japan though it's never confirmed (it's definitely Japan, why would it be anywhere else?). A narration explains the origins of "The Warrior" as I've dubbed him and his life goal of being "The greatest swordsman who ever lived. Ever." Yes, the second ever appears right below the title as it appears on-screen. The opening fight is between The Warrior and the rival clan to his to which The Warrior defeats in a very anime-like "super fast one slice that's an instakill" fashion. He comes across the final living member of the rival clan...a baby girl. At that point The Warrior has a change of heart and not only spared the life of but "adopts" the baby girl. Clearly disobeying his orders and now a wanted man, he flees Japan and heads to America.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hold up! Ninjas didn't exist anymore when America was around! Especially since this movie seems to take place in the 1800s! Yes, that is true. I didn't mention this earlier but if your looking for historical or realistic accuracy then your looking at the wrong movie. It's only a fictional, fantasy story with no intention of being "accurate". But that's OK with me! Back to the plot.

After settling down to a new peaceful life in a ghost town with a population filled of circus rejects, The Warriors past soon catches up to him. After already defending the town from a rouge platoon of outlaws, The Warriors old clan tracks him down to the ghost town and draws their swords against The Warrior, the baby girl, and just about everyone else in the town.

Yeah! That's all I'm gonna say about the plot! I'm not actually gonna spoil all the good stuff! But there definitely is some good stuff in this movie. First off, the action. It's everything you'd expect from sword fights to gunfights and every combination of the two that can be made in the 1800s. And nothing is spared in the deaths of people. At one point an outlaw holding a machine gun gets his hands chopped off and the gun continues to fire while turning around and killing everyone standing next to the outlaw. An awesome amount of gore is present but its not COMPLETELY over the top. Hey, if someones gonna get hacked up by a katana, its gonna be messy, and this movie shows that. Special effects wise its certainly no Avatar. Most of the explosions are clearly CGI and the whole movie seemed to be filmed on green screens and sets which gives it this artsy looking but slightly unbelievable atmosphere. In its defense though, it's a refreshing change from the super-gritty realism of most action movies nowadays.

But this movie isn't all straight action. To be honest, the action doesn't even start till about 2/3 through the movie. The rest of the movie is the psudo-love story between The Warrior and a woman living in the town called Lynne. Is it boring? Yeah, to a degree. But it's filled with little bits of small humor so you don't fall asleep.XD Dong-gun Jang, who plays The Warrior gives off a very serious Jackie Chan feel to the character. Through very few lines he made The Warrior a likable character and couldn't wait to see him kick ass every time he grabbed a blade. Although not pushed in the commercials for the movie, there was one actor who really caught my eye. That would be none other than Kate Bosworth. In the words of the great Scooter: "SMOKIN JESUS TITTY CINNAMON" is she GORGEOUS! And even more so as a red head! She ends up being the psudo-lover/apprentice to The Warrior as he teaches her how to use the sword. Which comes in handy at the end of the movie.

In the end, there's nothing super spectacular about The Warrior's Way(Except for a red-headed Kate Bosworth in a corset ^_^). But it should not be dismissed as just another Ninja movie. There is a anime like feel to it all and a great presentation of action. Don't see this movie for the acting, or the story, or any of that. But if you need a movie that is just absolute chaos with cowboys and Ninjas, check it out!

Well, it's not TOO bad for a first movie review...I'd like to see someone else try to do it...I look forward to your letters :) Until next time...see you starside.

okay gianax I love ou but dont you think your doing to mutch

thats right thars another gainax anime in production for next season called houkago no pleiadesthar is almost no info on it (not saprising cunsitering how tight liped gainax is but I do have one pic of intaresting info this is a colabaration project with car maker subaru other then that all i can tell you the names of the Director and Character Designer the director is Saeki, Shouji who worked on such gainax anime as FLCL(director), Hanamaru Youchien(story wrighter for ep7), and gurren lagann( Storyboard eps 2, 5, 23, 25, Script wrighter eps 5, 10-11 and Episode Director for eps 2 and 21) Otsuka, Mai will be the Character Designer mai has worked on such anime as air(Key Animation), Hanamaru Youchien( Character Designer) and evan shakugan no shana(many rols) so needless to say this anime is in good hands but Im whondering whats gainax thinking up untill Hanamaru Youchien thy have only relesed a anime once every coppel of years but this year i count atlest 3 including this one I meen I love gainax and the fact thare makeing more stuff but I think the reson they do so well is becuse of the fact they dont make sumthing evry season I just hop this whont cose a drop in quolaty in story or animation