Saturday, July 5, 2014

moving to new blog

from now on all post will be going to the new otakuhome blog so if you want more of my reviews just falow the link

Friday, July 4, 2014

Back and posting when ever i feel like it


 Hey guys its your favorite wishy washy anime reviewer Otakunick. Yes i know I hav not posted anything in the better part of the year but you know what thats life. Iv got alot I need to do aside from watch anime and review it all day(thow god knows If I could do this for a living I would)

  So yea Im back now and you know what that means I am hear to review sum anime, but not just anime but games and movies too thats right from this day forward OtakuHome Is no longer just a anime review blog but a over all Geek blog whare I will wright about whet ever the fuck I want. I also plain on bringing on sum contributes to post stuff as well, so look foreword to a slew of new story's and reviews.