Thursday, September 30, 2010

pod cast update

hey guys otakunick hear to give you guy a update on the podcast but first Id like to thank all of you that subscribed to us I meen it when we first started the podcast we didint think wed even have 10 subs after our fist month let alone 1471 serusly tomarow mrks the 1st month of being up and runing and we have damn ner 1500 so thank you all of you espasholy thows in sum of the most remot places on earth and sum of the most war torn thank you for subscribing to us and thank you for wasting your preshus time on us

now for the update as you all know we put up a poll on what youd like to hear us talk about well the winer is worst anime of all time so one of the segmints in the next ep will be that we will all talk about sum of the worst anime and OAVs we have watched also in this next comeing ep we will be intradusing sum new permanet segmints ones called the mail bag in witch is a segment whar we anser questions you ask us it can be on any subjet you like anime, manga, games, books, music you name it and if your lucky we will anser you on the air just send your questions to and have mail bag in the tittel the second of the new permanent segments is called the OH review inwitch we chus a anime, manga, or whatever the els we what and do a in depth review on it and when I say in depth I meen it whatever we review we Ill be going over with a finetuth comb

so with that sed thanks agen and be shore to look up our facebook fan page

Monday, September 27, 2010

look out twilight real men can sparkol too

thats right they can and now in a wimpy way ether in the nadesico move akito sparkols in a totaly bad ass why your probly whondering how well go watch the movie and find the fuck out your self Martian Successor Nadesico - The Prince of Darkness is the sequell movie I talked about in my review of Martian Successor Nadesico it came out Aug 1, 1998 and as I sed had mixed feeling hear in the US becuse the game that takes place between the anime and movie never came out hear but over all I love it Its just as fun as the anime and abit more dark too (thow not much) the musice is pretty mutch the same as the animes with a nice ending thema called dearest by Yumi Matsuzawa

as for the story Two years have passed since the end of the "Martian Successor Nadesico" game a blink of three years. Akito and Yurika have dissapeared. The Jovians and the Earthlings have joined forces and Ruri is now captain of Nadesico B. As the popularity of Boson Jumping grows, a vast transportation network has been developed. Dubbed the Hisago Plan, this network of Chulip portals holds the answers to the mysteries behind Bose particles and their power. If those secrets should fall into the wrong hands, it could mean big trouble. And big trouble there is. A Martian splinter group has launched an offensive, leaving the United Forces befuddled and desperate. So much so, in fact, that the former crew of the Nadesico is called back to active duty for a special unsanctioned mission-to save us all. Does this menagerie of misfits have what it takes? Who will win the race for the Boson technology? And what the heck happened to Akito and Yurika?

over all like I sed befor I loved this movie the intier cast comes back at one pont or another and all do sumthing for the plot the new castmembers feel like they wher thar from the begining witch is good becuse that meens thy fit in nicely with the rest of the normol cast yes I was cunfused after watching it befor reading the synopsis of the game but once I did it filled in all the gaps over all I give Martian Successor Nadesico - The Prince of Darkness 9 class A boson jupers or of 10 this was a nice thing that XEBEC did for the nadesico fans true its not as good as if we got a nother anime but still its better then nuthing and its ending leve room for more (thow with it been 10 years alredy the chanses of them exspening on nadsieco are pretty slim) so if your a fan go pick this up

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the mecha anime thal make you LOL and cry

and no its not a gundam its Martian Successor Nadesico a relativly unknow anime from the 90s witch is a shame becuse its one of my all time favrets the Characters are a riot with sum prett well know VAs the male lead akito is voced by spike spencer more comenly know as the VA of shinji ikari and for all you anime purists he was also voced by yuki ueda brobly best know best for his work as sanosuke sagara and takashi(brock) from pokemonand the sory is relly nice to plenty of comady to have you holding your sides as well as anuph deepth to keep you seeing it as a serus show

Akito doesn't want to fight. Despite a childhood spent on the anime Gekiganger 3, a Mecha show, he'd rather cook than pilot a Mecha. Fate intervenes when his home on Mars is destroyed, and he is transported instantly to the Earth, mysteriously. He has questions no one can answer fully, but follows a girl from a chance meeting in hopes to discover any. The girl, Yurika, is captain of the private battleship Nadesico, and in order to follow her, he enlists as their cook. Possessing the nanite implants that allow to control mechas, he's a handy backup pilot for the mechas of the Nadesico. He joins a crew bent on revenging Mars and composed of misfits, otakus, and ditzes. But in reality they are handpicked experts. They take their own private war back to Mars to face the harsh reality that life may not always be like a Giant Mecha Series.

the sound trake is also relly good Im a big fan of the OP you got the burning hell I must listion to it twice a day its just so hot blooded that you cant help but love it it relly give you a feel for what your about to watch

this anime duse have sum bad ponts to most of witch have to with how they handoled the sequels thar is a movie sequel but no one was abol to relly understand it hear in the US becuse thar was a game in between the anime and movie but thanks to the net its farly essy to fined a sanopsus of sed game and in sum cases even a craked ver of the game and yes i have read the synopses and watched the movie and yes I will be puting up a review of the movie as well

now hears the second bad pont well not so mutch as a bad pont in my mind but to others it cud be this is a old anime it first came out in 1996 so for thous that dont like animation from anyting prier to that od 2000 youl probly be turned off by the animetion but please give it a trie becuse this is one of thows looked over gems of the anime world witch is why I give nadesico 9 bosen juping cooks out of 10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

time for a revie on an old school OVA

that that ova will be Detonator Orgun this ova came out in 1991 and tuck 3 years toy finish mutch like what the time its gana take the unicorn ovas to come out but unlike unicorn orgun is only 3 eps war as unicorn will be 6 witch probly sucked when it was comeing out but that isint a problem anymore since its alredy all out and hell for thows that dont whant to watch it fansubed thy brout it over hear to the US in 2001 with a halarus dub and now i dont meen like the dub they did to ghost storys they didint chang the skript at all when I say it has a halraeus dub i meen sum of the VA work is so bad you cant help but slit your sides watching it granted all the mail and saporting VAs acholy trie and d a good job but the extras in it oh god most of them sound like ehy dont give a shit

as for the story its pretty good if not completly full of over used plot ponts

Fleeing from his own race, Orgun - an alien being with superhuman abilities and unearthly weapons - travels to Earth to find an answer to his origin. There, he bonds with a young man named Tomoru to defend Earth against the Evoluders, who seek nothing but destruction of other civilizations.

the OST is pratickly none egsistent aside from an op ending and battel theme

but over all I like this OVA it was good for sumthing made in its time witch is h im giveing it a 9 out of 10 becuse it was sumthing I dont see now a day but i do have a woring this relly isint a OVA for you if you hate hand drown anime becuse thar is absalutly no CG in this at all and it shows aside from the fights the rest of the animation is pretty low par

Sunday, September 5, 2010

otaku home ep 2 (pics and links)

for thows that wood like to see the pic we wher talking about and whant to know just what the fuck the quin mantha is just look at this post

fist off this is the quin mantha

(this is the FA unicorn gundam)

(the black one is the unicorn gundam (banshe)