Saturday, November 27, 2010

three posts befor heading to bed

now you know im working my ass off but I just have alot to say today espesholy after seeing the new nanoha movie and I have to say this just may be saperor to the achul orgianol anime the intierty of the story was cundenced into a 2 and haff hour moview with great looking HD animations showing off the new transformations and new fight seens with the end resolt being the best compalation movie I have ever seen if sumone who whanted to get into nanoha right now asked me what they shud start with Id say the movie

now for thous that dont no anything about nanoha the story falows 3rd grader Takamichi Nanoha stumbled upon an injured talking ferret after hearing his telepathic cries for help. The ferret turned out to be Yuuno, an archeologist and mage from another world who had accidentally scattered the dangerous Jewel Seeds throughout Earth. Without the strength to collect the Jewel Seeds, Yuuno had resumed a ferret form and needed someone else to take on the task for him. He gave a red jewel to Nanoha explaining to her with this she could transform and use magic to combat the monsters that threatened them due to the Jewel Seeds. But the monsters are the least of their worries, as Yuuno and Nanoha are not the only ones out to collect the Jewel Seeds.

your probly whondering whats a 2o year old man doing watching a magical gil anime to anser that question all I can say is watch it becuse this is isint your reguler magical girl the fights are fers and the storys incorpareat sci-fi elements into the core of the world and its magic so perfectly that when they started talking about difrent dymenchons you woodint be saprised at all

like I sed in my fist statment this movie looks great in HD the detals in the transformation wher great you cud rely see the hard work they put into it and the fights oh god I cud talk about the old nanoha fights for days and the fights in this movie blow them right out of the water youv never seen a starlight braker till youv seen it in HD it makes gokus spiert bomb look like a basic kai blat in conparasen and takes a fraction of the time to charg

the sound trake is ok nanoha has never rely had a good sound track sept for the ops and to tell the truth i rely didint notis any BMGs at all thew out the movie this in it self isint a bad thing infact it cud be that the BMS fit so well thay you cant help but not notes them or it cud be they rely didint put many in lol

all and all I have to say this is a must see for bolth nanoha and magical girl fans and the moment this comes over to the US Im buying it as you shud to and if you never watched a nanoha anime befor start hear thars rumers of a addaptaion for the second season As and if we get that we are almost garented a movie for strikers (thow thal probly be split in two becuse of its langth nanoha season 1 and 2 12 eps each stikers 26 eps) so if you can go ee this movie now bye

two posts in one day

how lucky for you guys no on to what I whant to say wall prsing the new for evangelion info that i dont know(witch thar isint mutch of) I stumboled abon a intavew with tiffany grant ( the VA that plays asuka in evangelion) on asukas finaol line in the EOE movie and I nerly pissed myself on what I just lernd

hers what I read

Tiffany Grant, Asuka's English dub voice actress, made the following statement:

"The most widely circulated translation of the last line of EoE [End of Evangelion] is "I feel sick," but Amanda Winn Lee (Rei Ayanami's English voice actor and director of End of Evangelion) said she asked several translators, and she felt "disgusting" was the most accurate adaptation. You could say she is disgusted with/sick of the situation or with Shinji himself. My favorite explanation though, is this one: My husband, Matt Greenfield, directed the TV series and is very familiar with the whole Eva franchise. Matt has said that although (Eva creator) Hideaki Anno seems to change his mind frequently about what various things mean in Eva, Anno once said that Asuka's comment about feeling "sick" was a reference to morning sickness. Now THAT gives ya something to think about, doesn't it! Of course, Anno is quite passionate about the idea that every person should decide for him or herself what Eva means to them."

now if this is true then the ever populer re-take doujins witch provide a alternet ending to evangelion cud acholy be redconed into te canon witch wood be cool ecuse they wher relly good and yes I read bolth the reguler hentai ver and the clean ver of the doujin

now if youd like to read more I hers a link to it

let the fight begin

as sum of you may now Im a big fighting game fan weather it be street fighter to verchawa fighter I love them all and one of my favret fighting games is blazblue witch was developed by Arc System Works. The game's name is a portmanteau of "blaze" and "blue," with the "z" sound omitted in the Japanese pronunciation, rendering it similar to the word "brave" in pronunciation. The game is currently released for the Taito Type X2 arcade system board, with a 16:9 ratio and 768p resolution. It was released on November 19, 2008 in Japan and November 20, 2008 in the United States. It was released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 home consoles on June 25, 2009 and when it did it looked great still duse I have to say its one of the best looking fighters out thar

the story is good to Prior to the events of BlazBlue, humanity was on the verge of extinction from the "Black Beast", a creature of Darkness. The world was saved by six heroes who wielded magic. They helped humanity create "Ars Magus", a fusion of magic and technology, to defeat the Beast.
After the war, the Novus Orbis Librarium (the Library or NOL for short) was created to govern the world with the use of Ars Magus. A great deal of dissent was caused by the Library, partly due to Ars Magus' use in nearly every facet of society, and the widening socioeconomic gap between those who could and couldn't use Ars Magus. This dissent would eventually form years later into The Ikaruga Civil War, when the Ikaruga Union openly rebelled against the Library. After the war, the Library imposed a harsher rule on the world, punishing any rebellion against the Library with the death penalty.
In December A.D. 2199, several years after the Ikaruga Civil War, a branch of the Library was utterly destroyed by an SS-class rebel named "Ragna the Bloodedge" also known as the "Grim Reaper", in an attempt to destroy the entire Library. The Novus Orbis Librarium, hoping to stop him, immediately announced the largest bounty ever, available to anyone who could capture him. Interestingly, Ragna possesses a powerful form of Ars Magus known as the "Azure Grimoire" (Grimoire of the Blue in Japan), also known as the BlazBlue. This led the Librarium, as well as the Ikaruga Union and other fighters, to hunt Ragna not just for his bounty, but also his grimoire.

and the way they tell this story is fucking great its told in VN style meeining that thar many stagnet pics with textfor cut seens but dont worry thars voce acting thow youl stell neet to read alot to lol and trust me youl whant to but in each rute they hav CGs to colet and the only what to do that is to get 100% with all the chariters essy huh gust go thew each chariter once wrong evry once and a wiol(well more like alot0 your given a chocs on what actions to take and depending on witch oes you do youl get a difrent outcome and subsaquently difrent CGs so youl be playing thew each rute more then once I meself am about 80% dune with ragna 67% with jin and 49% with taokaka and thats it I havent played any other chariters yet

and I have to say this game has one of the most complext fighting systoms I have ever seen but at the same time is essy to pick up and play if your new(just dont exspect to get to the top of the lederbord)now for the fighting systom BlazBlue is a traditional 2D fighter where two characters participate in a duel on a two dimensional plane. A round is called a "rebel" and one match can consist of one to five "rebels". To win a round, one player must either incapacitate the other by inflicting damage through various attacks to reduce health or by having more remaining health after the clock runs out if the rules of the match has one.
Every character has a weak, medium and strong attack. Also every character has a "unique" technique, called a Drive attack, which is different for each character. Those attacks are also known as "A", "B", "C" and "D". Various combos can be performed by every character through careful input of regular and drive attacks. A combo consists of two or more consecutive attacks that hit an opponent without them retaliating. As combos become longer, each attack will do less damage than normal to give the opponent a chance to retaliate. Grabs can be incorporated into combos also by pressing the "B" and "C" buttons at the same time. Occasionally, some attacks (e.g. Jin's Hirensou) will use portions of the player's heat gauge at the bottom of the screen. The heat gauge is filled by either dealing or receiving damage. When at a certain percentage, special moves called "distortion drives" can be performed. When a distortion drive is successfully performed and connects with the opponent, it deals massive damage and is visually flashier than normal attacks.
Along with attacks every character has two types of block. One is the regular block that can be broken with a "guard crush". That can be achieved by pushing the "guard libra" gauge all the way to the opponent's side through repeated attacks. If the opponent keeps blocking, then their guard can be broken, leaving them open for attack. The second type of block is a barrier block, which is initiated by blocking while holding the "A" and "B" buttons at the same time. A barrier block cannot be broken like a normal guard, but there is a limit on how long one can be held, which is indicated by the barrier gauge. If the barrier gauge empties, then the player will receive 150% damage until it regenerates to half-full. and what i just put thar is the basic stuff Id rather not get into the more advans stuff as I cant hunderstand how to use haff of(read the little comic this was one of my reactions after figering sumthing out) it lol and let me tell you youl whant a fight stick Iv been playing on my 360s reguler controler and after one rebel my hands kill me

the sound trake is rely good I acholy found myself geting my ass kicke becuse I as paying to mutch atenchon to the BGM insted of the achuwell match lol and thars alot of fun stuff you can do with it like this AMV of one of my favret chariters in the game and I ashuer you all the sounds you hear in this vid are all from the game its relly amaving and funny

over all I give blazblue calamity trigger 2 big thubms up if your a fan of 2D fighters or fighters ingenarol youl whant this game for your coletion and if your a fan of VNs then get it becuse this story is rely good on par with RPG storys

Sunday, November 21, 2010

nuthing from me this week sorry

hey guys its me I just what to let you know I dont thing il be post anything this week im working evryday this week sept for thanksgiving so i mite just be to tierd to wright sumthing this week Il trie but dont say I didint worn you now if I do post sumthing it may just be sum model revies I have 2 new master grade gundam models Iv resently finished and if my new lighting equepment shows up this week and if Im not to worn out i mite just put up a review other then that it mite be sum anime revie like it normaly is

Monday, November 15, 2010

wow I cant beleve what I just read

Thanks to the overly worried nature of the US security teams, pressure has been put on Japan (and a number of other countries) to prevent suspect packages from making it to our shores. As such, no package over 1lb in weight will be shipped to the US as of November 17 unless they have a business license with the Japan Post.

What does that mean for us? Not too much. Other than our government is being a little silly right now.

For all of those worried about getting your plastic figures shipped to you, don't. Anyone who regularly ships as a business is excluded from this measure, meaning that unless you're having a friend buy you a figure and ship it to you, there will be no issues with the product.

What will be affected? Students and ex-pats looking to send items home are going to have a lot more trouble, as they will now have to send larger goods via sea mail, which is subject to a bit more regular inspection. That means shipping food and bombs is going to be a lot more cumbersome, and might not be worth the bother

when I read this story I litarol was holding my sides over how stupid it is yea it for sacuraty but in the long run its not rely gana do mutch good since a majoraty of objects that are used in attackes agest the US are bout hear in the US so in the long run I dont see how helpfull it is but I rely dont care as long as I can still order my models and stuff
sorse japanator

Sunday, November 14, 2010

thos review will not be 3 times faster

becuse even thow I just saw unicorn gundam ep2 witch deals with a man who may be char going 3 times faster will be bad form so Il go my normol rate

okay with the joke aside I have to say ep 2 was just as good as the hipe ses atlest for a diehard UC fan like myself this ep starts off right whare the 1s ep left off with the unicorn going into distroy mode witch leeds into the first of 2 battals for this ep thats right thare wher only 2 battals and they wher bolth in the first haff of the ep makeing this a chariter driven ep for develapment and exsplasition but thats why I love UC becuse it has a good balince betwen when to fight and when to talk but worry not even thow thar was only 2 fight they wer rely great fights showing off just what we can exspted later on in the next 4 eps and evan confermed sumthing about the unicorn i was whondering about since the end of ep1

now this that out of the way i will now anser the question your all probly whondering is full fruntol char well at the varry lest they have the same VA Ikeda, Shuuichi takes the role of full fruntol and yes inded he looks like chare but sumthing he sed in this ep just put sum dout into my head Banagher "are you the real char" full fruntol "as long as the people need me to be then I will be" this can be taken in a copel ways first is yes I am char the 2nd is no but I play the part becuse thats what the people need ether way he has the same scar that amurogave char but until we get a defanet anser( ie me finding and reading the unicron novels) we at otaku home will not jup to cunclutions

the sound track was just as good at the fist epas well as the voice work and the animation all wher dune exstremly well over all I have to say that this ep of unicron is just as good as the first and you shud go and pick this up today since the ep has been relesed

Monday, November 8, 2010

the pain of the econamy streches far

so far that evin bandai namco is leting 90 workers go this is relavent to use at otaku home becuse alot og games we buy come from them mysef and cloudsora(aka curt) are big fans of the .hack serres of games and of corse in more resent years the dynasty warriors gundam games witch are slated for a 3rd instolment hers the full story

game maker Namco Bandai of America is laying off 90 employees in its U.S. offices
The layoffs are due to the company’s previously announced reorganization where it combined its separate mobile and online game businesses into a single division. On top of that, the company has decided to move a considerable amount of game development once done in the San Jose, Calif.-based office back to Japan.

Carlson Choi, the company’s vice president of marketing, confirmed in an interview that the company had layoffs. He said the cuts were made because there wasn’t an exact match between the company’s needs and the skills of the employees available.

“We are partnering with external development studios out there because that is where the game business is going,” he said. “Our goal is to move into digital games and broaden to different platforms. The details are being sorted out now.”

Choi said the company remains focused on making its games more accessible, social, and personal to consumers.

The reorganization announced in August was notable because of the changes sweeping through the game business. Other companies such as THQ, Ubisoft, and Warner Bros. have all made moves to increase their digital games businesses recently.

Digital games are catching on because they use different business models. Console games sell for $60. But online games are often offered free-to-play, where players can play for free and pay real money for virtual goods such as better weapons. That gives recession-hit gamers more options to control their spending as they go. Roughly 35 percent of game maker Electronic Arts’ business is now digital.

Under one label, the Namco Bandai team will develop games that run on multiple platforms, including consoles, the PC, mobile, the web and Apple iOS operating system products. The team will make a concerted effort to expand its presence in the social game market. The goal of having one group is to make games more accessible across more devices and to broaden the company’s consumer base, Kenji Hisatsune, head of Namco Networks, told us in August

Source: VentureBeat

basicly what this meens is we mite be paying to dl dynasty warriors gundam 4 in the not so distent fucher I for one wood perer a hard disc for my games that way I know Il alwas have it unlike a cloud based game witch can be lost from haking/ viruse/ server crashes and other problems its not all bad it duse meen games will becume a bit cheeper since they dont need to make or burn the games to disc but not by mutch please let otaku home know what you think of this and we mite just read your email on the next podcat the email is

Friday, November 5, 2010

the retern of al

and no i dontme al from FMA I meen al from patlabor aparently the 2nd patlabor movie will be shown in san fran this munth
The November schedule for VIZ Cinema currently lists screenings for Patlabor: The Movie, Patlabor 2: The Movie, and Kamui Gaiden.

The two Patlabor films will be screened twice; once subtitled on Saturday, November 13 (12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.) and once dubbed into English on Sunday, November 14 (4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.). The films were originally licensed in North America by Manga Entertainment in 2000; after those licenses expired, Bandai Visual USA acquired the films. In 2008, Bandai Visual USA was folded into sibling company Bandai Entertainment.

Kamui Gaiden is the 2009 live-action film adaptation of Sanpei Shirato's 1964-1971 manga The Legend of Kamui. The film will be screened daily from November 19 to December 1 at varying times. The movie began filming in 2007 and opened in Japan in September, ranking #3 on its opening weekend. Funimation announced its acquisition of the film this past January.

so if your in the san fran area then I say chek this out its a good anime movie and well worth a watch

Thursday, November 4, 2010

and the songs go on

thats right I got my hands on a copy of macross f the false songstress the first of two macross f movies that reteale the story of macross f in a completly difrent way I meen rely if you go into this exspecting a compalation like the gundam movies then be perpared to be dead wrong becuse aside from one or 2 evants(witch even thows are sumwhat difrent to the anime) this is a hole new macross f the over all story remans the same alto whants to fly ranka whant to sing shit hits the fan all the normol stuff youed exspet from macross but still this movie is alot better to the origanol anime in so many ways

the first of witch is the art macross F came out when CGI was just becomeing the norm for anime and yes it looked good for its time but the cg valcarys didint quite fit in with the hand drown city when it came toy the tv serres but in this movie evrything looks like it fight right togeather and the fights(however few thare wher) wher great

the next thing on my list is the OST yea what do you exspet its macross ofcors its gana have a nice OST and hell thare are alot of singing songs in the movie Iv must have seen the lirics pop up on screen atlest 10 to 15 times thewout the movie witch I never once mined becuse thar songs I love Il never get tierd of aimo thow one song I wood have loved to hear in this movie was missing and that was triangel the first OP from the anime I understand why its not thare but still it wood have been nice to throw it in but other then that no real complaints

along with the songs and art the animation quolaty was amazing aswell then again I was waching it in 1080P so evrything was alredy going to look great but the fights realy wher brout up to a hole new level with this that it cud never get wen it first came out on tv it got so visholy intens that at one pont I had to puse it so I cud let my eyes rest a bit

ovcorse not evrything in this movie is good it sufers from random cuts meening that people end up places with no rime or reson for instens in the movie after ranka has a fight with ozuma about her singing and she runs off we get a cut to him being in a car with Cathy whar in the prier seen he was in his house how or why he gets into the car will be a complet lose to anyone who hasent seen the anime other then that this movie relly stands on its own 2 feet

over all I have to say fly out and find this movie and watch it if your a fan of macross and if this is your first introduction to macross then I say go back and watch from the first serres and come back becuse youl be better off that way and speeking of old macross anime in the prevews for the next movie we are treted to sumthing rely cool a VF-1s in niki basaras color skeem what this meens I have no clue but if basara shows up to sing with sherly and ranka I will litaraly shit bricks

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

run run as fast as you can

you cant ceach him hes a blue hadgehog lol thats right Im doing a game review and its a bit of a thow back review at this sonic 4 PE 1 is the first instolment of a new 2D sonic game and I have to say im loveing it I was alwas a big fan of sonic atlest up to sonic 3 on the sega Iv never relly like the 3D sonic and that includs unleshed

now with the intro out of the way lets get into the core game play this is a 2D side scroler meeing that your going from left to right and up and down mutch like older mario games but unlike mario you are going exstremly fast (exsept for sum ponts whar sonic team falls back into thare retardation and stick you in a area that takes you 8 minits to figer out whar the fuck your sapost to go and then after that it takes to another 5 minets to get thare) witch is what youv come to know and love abut sonic

the controls are simplistec to the pont al you need to use is the right analog stick and the A button this is bolth good and bad its good becuse its essy to lern but bad becuse thars just to mutch to handol for one butten for instens im runing along and I need to hop onto a platform but thars a enamy ner by over a buttomless pit I hit A to jump onto the platform but it regasters as a dash attack thus I kill the enamy and thusly fall to my death I give them props for makeing the controls simpol but thar are 4 core buttons on the 360s controler most of the people getig this game are use to that set up saga shud have desanated a acton for each butten but thats just one small complant

the level desing is a nice thow back with splash hill and casino rode and they all loock great in HD but like I stated befor this is also whar and I quote zero puchuwation "sonic team falls back into lepresed retardation" by makeing sumthing that takes to all your time to figer out whare you need to go when your only haff way thew the LV once again just a minor grip the bonuse LVs show up as you must navagat a falling sonic thew a maze by rotating the maze itself picking up rings, extra time and if its the first time to the bunuse world one of the 7 chaos emarolds and if its not your fist time that a exra lif its fun and with a little triol and eror youl be geting the emarolds the world hub also looks great in HD and is a snap to get to once you chuse a zone toye given a list of 4 LV in witch you can do(the 4th being blacked out untill you beet the first 3) in ay order and you can go to any zone in any order once you complet the first 3 LVs in a zone you can go to the boss fight with robotnic(AKA eggman for yunger fans) then after beeting him you releses the animols and repet the prosses on the next zone simpol yes but still fun

I menchnd relesing animols in the mast paragraph for the sole reson on telling you about the story this is way I give sonic th bigist props in its perust form sonic has one of the most simpol storys robotnic kidnaps animols inorder to turn them into robots and sonic stops him and then thats it no plot twists or anything like that sum people say thats sonic bigist flaw but looks what happens when they trie to give sonic more story then that we gat games like sonic advancher and shadow the hagdehog sonic is not a icon for a new age hes best in his truest form like pac man and megaman

over all I have to say I like this new sonic game its by far the best sonic game in resent years that Iv played and I thick its well werth the 800 microsoft ponts I spent on it will I spend that mutch for ep2 who knows if looks like it just adding on LVs with out fixing the problums I menchoned no but if they do fix them then I just mite so I have to say for thows that just whant a game to pick up and play befor work DL this game its fun and its essy to pic up and drop if you dont like that then dont DL it ether way its a fun game that deservs a play atlest dl the demo a trie it out