Thursday, September 3, 2009

first game review(tales of vesperia)

thow anyone that have seen one of veviews knows its less of a reviw and more of me ramboling abowt the game- anime- mangas or anything els i review is just me ramboling on and on abowt what Im reviewing and less of a strucksherd review but dispite that its my own speshol type of reviewing and odly anuph people like it somone acholy sed Im the best reviewer so I have no intention on changing my format but I will do sumthing for my blog vewers you will acholy get perfeshanol review so that meens a nuber score and evrything so lets begin

oky first off the story like all tales games the storry is great it gets a 9
next up the art i love it I know alot of people thiks its to cartoony but all tales games are cel shaded and if this one was difrent I dont think Id like it so it gets a 10
music its purfect it relly is i love the OP so mutch i got it on my ipod 10
game play is just as essy as the the others and bye that I meen it is great and essy to leern its a 9
replayabilaty well thats war this game comes up alil short unless your a hardcor fan or sumone who didint do all the minny games and extra mitions youl probly put this game down after you finish it that is unless your like me and your determind to get all the achivments for this game 6

so for a look back the socrs are
sory 9
art 10
gam play 10
music 10
and replayabilaty 6
witch makes the overall 8

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