Monday, October 19, 2009

oky Im starting to lose hope for the humen race now

It's one thing to hate the status quo, but it's another thing to do the exact opposite of what is needed to change it, which is pretty much what a Akihiko Naito of Osaka went and did.

He apparently hated being single so much that, to improve his chances, decided to slash a woman from behind with a box cutter while riding his bike.

He had this to say once caught by the cops:

"I can’t get a girlfriend because women always turn me down. I thought this would make me feel better. I didn’t target any specific woman. Anyone would have been OK."

He could have at least started by using that "anyone would have been OK," attitude in trying to get a date, rather than moving straight up to deadly force. Priorities, man.

story from japanator

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