Sunday, November 22, 2009

masterbating sun kills mom

A son caught in the midst of an auto-asphyxiative onanism session clubbed his mother to death for interrupting him.
The 22-year-old man lived together with his 44-year-old mother in the Croatian city of Split, with neighbours describing the woman as “reclusive” and the son as “troubled.”
However, when his mother walked in on him as he masturbated with a scarf tied tightly around his neck, her shocked reaction enraged him, and he grabbed a small statuette and used it to bludgeon her over the head, killing her. He also attempted to strangle her.
Whether he was aggrieved over his mere discovery, her reaction, or the exposure of his apparent fetish (self-strangulation is a somewhat dangerous technique occasionally used to induce intense orgasms or arousal) is not clear.
Police were alerted to the incident by the son’s call to emergency services, and he confessed and was arrested upon their arrival.

I was floored by this story Iv read alot of werd storysfrom japan befor but this one takes the cake and sorry for not updating for a week my classes got me runing thew hoops

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amu96 said...

good story. but sad too.