Tuesday, December 22, 2009

boston mom cal cops on sun for playing GTA4

A mother who found her son engaged in a late night gaming session felt she had no option but to call police on the boy, as he ignored her commands.
The Boston mother reportedly became exasperated at her 14-year-old son’s “gaming habit” and told him to play less, but matters came to a head when she awoke one night to find her son still playing Grand Theft Auto at 2:30AM despite being told to stop.
The mother then unplugged her son’s console and called police on him, who dutifully arrived and told him to “Chill out” and “Go to bed.”
The mother, a 49-year-old cafeteria worker raising three other children by himself, explained she only approved of healthy sports themed games and not ones teaching the basics of criminal entrpreneurship:
“I would never buy that kind of video. No way. I called because if you don’t respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?”
Just whether the most noteworthy aspect of this story is the woman calling police on her own son, the police’s willingness to respond, or the fact that the boy avoided being tasered or arrested is difficult to determine…
story from sakura complex

as a MA resadent I was relly saprised to leen that my tax dolers are going to such good coses such as alowing the cops to anser a call like this I meen serusly the last thing we need are violent games teaching our children how to kill street walkers what aminit im not a right wing moron sorry the sher stubidady of this story kinda had an afect on my brain mostly becuse the cops wood acholy indolg this womens idotce I meen yea the kid probly shudint have been playing GTA4 so late at night but did she relly have to call the cops and further more did they relly have to respond

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