Thursday, December 3, 2009

highschool friends in japan

According to a survey conducted within the MyVoice internet community, over half of Japanese made their friends in high school. And when you consider that nearly a quarter of respondents count more than eleven friends, the figures puts some people getting real chummy with at least five or six people in high school. Impossible. Furthermore, many still communicated with their high school friends face-to-face. Unless they all ended up as salarymen in the same company, that's unbelievable. Maybe that's why so many games/anime/manga/novels are set there?

While the survey itself accounted for people selecting multiple answers, the numbers seem to help debunk at least some of the "haha, Japan is full of desperately lonely otaku" stereotypes. But seriously, I never made that many friends in high school.

How do you match up against the citizens of Glorious Nippon? Have you made a great many high school friends? Friend friends, and not just people whose names you find familiar when they invite you onto Facebook?

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