Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kämpfer review

oky first off lat me say that if my freand didint tell me thar wa more to the story than whats in the first season I wooding be doing this review hell if it waslonger then 12 Eps Id probly had droped it(sorry curt but I dont know what you see in this show)I meen serusly the only apell to the show is the misunderstangings and sexuel tenchon and evin that gets old after a a short time so insted of just ramboling il list the problems with the show

1 the hole male to female this is not needed becus after a copel of eps the main male is pretty mutch forced to stay a girl for most of the time makes me just think whats the pont of haveing a guy that turns into a girl (same question gos for ranma 1/2 also)

2the lack of antaganests I meen relly what the fuck are the madaraters and what are they planing in 9 out of 12 eps we havint seen one lick of the madaraters I meen thars one chariter that im 90% will tern out to be one or atlest conected to them but the overall back story and set up motavations for the cast isint thar makeing this show asensholy a high school comadey with super pwer girls(and one guy that turn into a girl) witch whoodint be bad if they hadint alreddy set it up for having a darker main polt so its sofering in the same was as saitoki no ichizone but atlest SNI nows whats its tring to be whars as kampher is tring to have to mutch to it

3 the cast its disterbing the amont of sayus(A list voice acters)are in this serres I meen serusly did they not have anything better to do

first we got

Mikoto Kondou aka the basterd ofspring of mitsubi(saikirei) and puru(zz gundam)(voiced by Asumi, Kana )Natsuru's childhood friend who only recently reunited with him due to her father being an archaelogist who lives abroad. She appears to have feelings for Natsuru and is more than a bit bothered by the presence of a girl with the same name as his (who in reality is Natsuru in his Kämpfer form). She is a Schwert-type Red Kämpfer armed with a Japanese sword

Akane Mishima AKA sikso chick(voiced by Horie, Yui) School librarian and Natsuru's friend, she is also a Blue Kämpfer like Natsuru. Normally very shy and soft-spoken, she becomes foul-mouthed, bitter, vindictive, and trigger-happy upon transforming into a Kämpfer. She explained most of the rules of being a Kämpfer when Natsuru's own Messenger gave no such details. She is a Gewehr type Kämpfer who uses an semi-automatic handgun and appears to be ambidextrous. There are hints that Akane has begun to harbour feelings for Natsuru (normal form), such as being eager to be with him and getting jealous when he talks about other girls in front of her.

Kaede Sakura AKA evil lesbo(voiced by Nakajima, Megumi) Shizuku's childhood friend and one of the Three Beauties of Seitetsu, she has many admirers, Natsuru being one of them. She has a large collection of stuffed Zoumotsu Animal dolls (characters whose distinctive feature is to have protruding guts) and likes to present them to her friends. She began to develop a crush on Kämper Natsuru after being saved from Kämper Akane.

Shizuku Sangou aka the one likeabol chariter (voiced by Nazuka, Kaori) President of the Student Council and one of the Three Beauties of Seitetsu, she is a model student with perfect attendance record. In addition, however, she is also a Red Kämpfer fighting with the Schwert ability of wielding two chained daggers at will. She wants to expose the Moderator's intentions but has no problem fighting Blue Kämpfer until that goal was accomplished

Natsuru Senou aka the supernacuel trany(voiced by Inoue, Marina) The series' main protagonist. Second year student of Seitetsu Gakuin High-school. He is chosen as a Blue Kämpfer by Moderator and setup as a Zauber type with power based on fire. In keeping with the rule that all Kämpfers are females, he turns into girl upon transformation. After a fight with Shizuku exposed his Kämpfer form to other students of the school, Shizuku arranged to have him enrolled in girl's class to fulfil public curiosity in a way that diverts attentions away from Kämpfer battle. His Kämpfer form has subsequently been ranked among the Three Beauties of Seitetsu (there used to be only two) and, much to Natsuru's own dismay, become subject of intense affections from Kaede Sakura (whom he has a crush on).

and the iceing on the cack for this anime is it was made by nomad that right nomad the makerks of a anime I higly recamended to people Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan hell they evin made Ouran High School Host Club so what the hell is this shit thar shiving down our thouwts so if it what im saying is this sow has varry few saving grases and that wood be the animation thats the only reson im gining this a 5 out of 10

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