Friday, December 4, 2009

seitokai no ichizon review

yes thats right im finealy doing what I sed i wood back in october Im reviewing anime sorry its takeing me so long and sorry I dont update as mutch as I use to my classes have been hiting me with alot of work latly infae Im acholy typeing this review wall whating for class to start but you didint come hear to hear me complan on my lack of fre time you came to leern abowt anime

seitokai no ichizon is abowt a group of 5 students in the student concil yea I now real origanol right but despite the over used trop of the student concel this show is in face quite intaresting unlike most shows abowt a SC this one seems to make fun of of all thows other SC based anime along with other stuff(like death note and metal gear) thats right its a parode anime that happens to take place in a student concil and as sed befor its quite good i meen Im 9 Eps in of 13 and Im still laughing my ass off most of the time thow thats mostly do to the chariters themselfs then the jokes like stated erlyer the anime revols arownd 5 studints

Chizuru Akaba(voiced by Saitou, Yuka):A bishoujo with a tall and model-like figure.
She is a mature woman who is cool but also has a warm heart. In the student council she takes the role of an adviser, but she's also an extreme S (sadist). Probably has some yuri taste and has some sexual interest on Aka-chan.

Kurimu Sakurano AKA aka-chan(voiced by Honda, Mariko):In high school Grade 3. Student council president. Her outward looks, speech, thoughts, attitude, pretty much everything is like that of a child's, but whatever she does she is full of passion.

Minatsu Shiina(voiced by Togashi, Misuzu): Student Council vice-president. A boyish bishoujo with impressive athletic skills.
She's popular among girls and has a bit of a yuri taste. She's in the same class with Ken but she's an orthodox tsundere without any 'dere' to be found.

Mafuyu Shiina(voiced by Horinaka, Yuki):Student Council Treasurer. Minatsu's sister and a 1st grader. She is a swaying bishoujo, and is afraid of males. Ken thought her to be "the easiest character to see the ending" but later turns out to be the most feared one by some reason .She's an avid gamer and was seen playing her handheld console (most likely a 'PSP®') in most time. She also wrote the wiki tutorial for a game named 'Chasseur Monstre' which means 'Monster Hunter' in french.

Ken Sugisak(voiced by Kondo, Takashi): 2nd Year, Student Council Vice President. One of the few kinds who entered the student council as "a top student". Loves playing Eroge... no, Visual Novels, and plans of taking all of the student council members as his harem.

over all this show is good but not without its broblems on more then one ocation they hint to a deeper and more serus story in the backgrownd of the show involving som of the chariters but never go into it vary deeply like they shud thats probly do to the shows limated EP cunt but still if your going to put sumthing like that in you shud have the desinsy to elaborate on it atlest that what i think but I igress thow show is a good wotch and if it brout over to the US Il brobly pick it up on DVD or blu-ray (that is if I can aford one ) so my over all rating is 7 out of 10 its good

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