Friday, January 1, 2010

avatar review

well its the first reviw of 2010 and what better movie to review then the best movie of 09 james cameron' s avatar and what can I say he out did himself on this one same with the guys at weta this movie deserves evry bit of hipe it was giveing and then sum

the vishawol effecs where mind blowing for the intier world to be CG but yet look so real is amazing I meen I swar I cud acholy see the musol movement in evry liveing thing that was CG and the gunshipd wer well doon too the way they flew thew the air just beautiefull and it wasint gust the CG the live action actors that wher in the movie all did a great job inter acting with thinkg that whernt thar relly added to the movie as did the dialog man iv never in ly life seen a moview that had such a prodictabol plot(with inresun I meen Im used to anime hands you more plot twistes then M . night cood ever think of in his life so Im a pro at seeing thows coing)and yet still be so in ah by sed story (and I beleve it has a hint of enviermentol undertones in thar) not to mention the OST was amazing Im not one for geting OSTs I think I have like 5 and 2 of thous I got free with games and the others I torrented but Im acholy tinking of going out and buying this OST hell this is the movie thats guna make me buy a blue-ray player or atlest a PS3 becuse SD grafics just whont do for this movie to mutch will be lost and if any of you reading this can go see this movie i Imax 3D it will knock your soucks off I nerly got shell shocked from sum of the exsplotios

so in cunclution if your only going to see one movie this year see avatar its a movie that sapases all exspectations I had witch where hight to begin with and a movie that cant be placed on my basic 1-10 scoring list so its time for me to pull out thearaticol scorig card this is a once in a deacad 12 that meens this is the movie I will be conparing fucher movies to and not just sci-fis (that wood be 11 witch are ganra defining )but all movies I see from this punt on i look forwerd to what james cameron and the guys at weta come up with next and intell then stay tund for more reviews and rants


Anonymous said...

ummm spell check much?

Anonymous said...

"cunclution"- conclusion
beautiefull- beautiful

this is badddddddd

otakunick said...

one wering all craks at my spelling worint delettion of your comments I adress that in my bio

amu96 said...

i think it was a really great movie.
and evereone should see it.