Wednesday, April 21, 2010

coming soon to otaku home

thats right thars going to be sumthing new coming to the blog whats that your probly whondering well any one that watch my youtube chanel nows evry now and then I revew models well I figerd id put up sum revews of thows with pichers so hears a line up of sum of the kits Il be reviewing

MG quqbely MK 2
1/100 exia
1/100 r-44 guntank (from F 91)
1/144 zaku lacus clyn custom
1/144 gundam astaron

and more as I get them

(PS to the lazy contributers I chose I know you got models so how abowt makeing sum reviews for them if you need a camera just ask and I take sum shots with mine)

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