Thursday, April 15, 2010

the so cold tea party movment

okay when I made this blog I made it with only anime, manga ,games and japanses colcher in mind but this hole tea party thing has been big news for sum time now and the problem just seems to be geting worce I myself voted for obama not becuse of all the promeses and speches but becuse I cudint trust a republacen to fix what bush broke IE the intier fucking cuntrys econamy I wood have voted for hilary if we whernt dealing with a section of the world whar the wemons rights hasint quite cot up with the times and nowing that the leeders of the secon of the world woodint take her sereusly so in the end I whent with obama but latly thars been a masiv uphevol in the anti guverment movments and right wing raticolists and one place they all sem to be gongergating is this tea party movment I dont now what the tea partys origanol perpus was but I know full well whar it is now a bunch of backwords hicks thinking that just ohbama is black with a muslom haratig that hes the devil incarnet and that hes gana bring this cuntry to ruin well I have sumthing to say to all of you that think that grow the fuck up and enter the 21ST fucking cenchary becuse what your saying is so soshaly backwords I almost forgot its 2010 and not 1929 seusly I thout the US was machur anuph to have a presadent that wasint a wight cristion man and since when did we start persacuting peoples faths now Im not shore if ohbama is a muslum or not but if he is so what why shud a persons religon mater in runing a cuntry I meen you tea partyers are calling ohbama the next hitler but last time I checked it you that are akting the most like hitler not ohbama and if your all whondering whar this rant came rom watch this vid


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