Friday, June 4, 2010

eva 2.22

okay well iv finally seen the BD ver of eva 2.22 and i have to say im glade i held off on this review becuse this rely is the definativ ver of the movie like eva 1.11BD is the definativ of the prequel (kinda obveuse huh) so what Im saying her is not evin bother with the SD ver buy the BD when it comes over to the US even if it meens buying a blue ray player(I know I will)

okay now on to the movie itself the animetion in this movie is stuning esaly sum of the best Iv seen since well eva 1.11 they made shore to inpruve wall at the same time makeing shore it wood look simaler to the preveus and the way they do this is by makeing the CG look and move more realistic but still cell shaded and the hand drown cells portion of the movie looks great as usawell

the music was as good as youed exspect an eva sound track to be (and by exspect I meen knowing it will blow you away) the one oude this about it was this movie had two chariter songs one in the eva 1 VS eva 3 fight and one in the eva 1 vs zeruel fight and your probly whondering why this is wherd well most anime movies only have one chariter song EOE had come swet death and nuthing els but this one had 2 so this was a happy saprise

sadly the story is ware this movie is the weekest (thow even thow its the weekest pont its still strong) and the reson for this is becuse to do what they whanted to do in the 3rd and 4th moie they needed to get all the monster of the week eps that wher in the midol of the serres out of the way thust resolting in this movie feeling alil rushed but I persanaly think they did a great job passing themselfs on this and it alows them to do whatever they whant with the next 2 movies

so over all eva 2.22 gets 10 WTF FTW out of 10

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