Monday, August 30, 2010

aragami ss (kaoru's arc)

hey guys sorry for not geting the project I promused up the files are giveing me a hard time so in the meen time its bisness as ushawell

Im bake with my second review on aramgami ss this time we will be takeing a look at kaors ark and I have to say thow I liked it alot it wasint anywar as good as harukas arc and then ending to the arc relly didint live up to the firsts ether I meen serusly the firsrt arc ended with a marig this one ended with a walk on te beach I know I shudint be to picky becuse I know how VN work thars alwas more then one ending but one seems to be a definativ ending I was hopeing that since they desied to go thew all 6 routs that this game woodint be like this but sadly it is and the anime has suferd from it by showing what I belev to be the definativ ending first if this is true then the storys in the next 4 arcs will also have this problem of not living up to the first arc

but anuph with the bad now for sum good like I sed I did relly ingoy whating this arc it was funny but it also had more drama in it then the firsrt arc and dispite a sumone disaponting ending compard to the first is was by no meens a bad ending to the arc as for the arc and music well its the same as the first arc good

over all aragami remands at 9 but kaorus ark gets a 7 it was good but sadly no ware as good as the first arc

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