Thursday, September 30, 2010

pod cast update

hey guys otakunick hear to give you guy a update on the podcast but first Id like to thank all of you that subscribed to us I meen it when we first started the podcast we didint think wed even have 10 subs after our fist month let alone 1471 serusly tomarow mrks the 1st month of being up and runing and we have damn ner 1500 so thank you all of you espasholy thows in sum of the most remot places on earth and sum of the most war torn thank you for subscribing to us and thank you for wasting your preshus time on us

now for the update as you all know we put up a poll on what youd like to hear us talk about well the winer is worst anime of all time so one of the segmints in the next ep will be that we will all talk about sum of the worst anime and OAVs we have watched also in this next comeing ep we will be intradusing sum new permanet segmints ones called the mail bag in witch is a segment whar we anser questions you ask us it can be on any subjet you like anime, manga, games, books, music you name it and if your lucky we will anser you on the air just send your questions to and have mail bag in the tittel the second of the new permanent segments is called the OH review inwitch we chus a anime, manga, or whatever the els we what and do a in depth review on it and when I say in depth I meen it whatever we review we Ill be going over with a finetuth comb

so with that sed thanks agen and be shore to look up our facebook fan page

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