Tuesday, September 7, 2010

time for a revie on an old school OVA

that that ova will be Detonator Orgun this ova came out in 1991 and tuck 3 years toy finish mutch like what the time its gana take the unicorn ovas to come out but unlike unicorn orgun is only 3 eps war as unicorn will be 6 witch probly sucked when it was comeing out but that isint a problem anymore since its alredy all out and hell for thows that dont whant to watch it fansubed thy brout it over hear to the US in 2001 with a halarus dub and now i dont meen like the dub they did to ghost storys they didint chang the skript at all when I say it has a halraeus dub i meen sum of the VA work is so bad you cant help but slit your sides watching it granted all the mail and saporting VAs acholy trie and d a good job but the extras in it oh god most of them sound like ehy dont give a shit

as for the story its pretty good if not completly full of over used plot ponts

Fleeing from his own race, Orgun - an alien being with superhuman abilities and unearthly weapons - travels to Earth to find an answer to his origin. There, he bonds with a young man named Tomoru to defend Earth against the Evoluders, who seek nothing but destruction of other civilizations.

the OST is pratickly none egsistent aside from an op ending and battel theme

but over all I like this OVA it was good for sumthing made in its time witch is h im giveing it a 9 out of 10 becuse it was sumthing I dont see now a day but i do have a woring this relly isint a OVA for you if you hate hand drown anime becuse thar is absalutly no CG in this at all and it shows aside from the fights the rest of the animation is pretty low par

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