Saturday, November 27, 2010

two posts in one day

how lucky for you guys no on to what I whant to say wall prsing the new for evangelion info that i dont know(witch thar isint mutch of) I stumboled abon a intavew with tiffany grant ( the VA that plays asuka in evangelion) on asukas finaol line in the EOE movie and I nerly pissed myself on what I just lernd

hers what I read

Tiffany Grant, Asuka's English dub voice actress, made the following statement:

"The most widely circulated translation of the last line of EoE [End of Evangelion] is "I feel sick," but Amanda Winn Lee (Rei Ayanami's English voice actor and director of End of Evangelion) said she asked several translators, and she felt "disgusting" was the most accurate adaptation. You could say she is disgusted with/sick of the situation or with Shinji himself. My favorite explanation though, is this one: My husband, Matt Greenfield, directed the TV series and is very familiar with the whole Eva franchise. Matt has said that although (Eva creator) Hideaki Anno seems to change his mind frequently about what various things mean in Eva, Anno once said that Asuka's comment about feeling "sick" was a reference to morning sickness. Now THAT gives ya something to think about, doesn't it! Of course, Anno is quite passionate about the idea that every person should decide for him or herself what Eva means to them."

now if this is true then the ever populer re-take doujins witch provide a alternet ending to evangelion cud acholy be redconed into te canon witch wood be cool ecuse they wher relly good and yes I read bolth the reguler hentai ver and the clean ver of the doujin

now if youd like to read more I hers a link to it

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