Sunday, February 20, 2011

i seriously underestimated just how good sumer wars was

you herd me right i  underestimated just how good sumer wars was your probably saying to your self bull shit. no more then two three weeks ago you were parsing it to no end and tho how true you are it still dos not mean i did not underestimate it. because i never once thought that funimation would be having a hard time getting every one there copies witch is whats happing.

recently on funimation's blog they talk about just how fast the sumer wars DVD and BRD selling. its even gotten to the point that the O-card cardboard slip-cover thats supposed to come with the movie are not being made fast enough fof how fast the movie is selling. and if you get a movie without on thy actually give you a form to fill out so that when they make more you will get yours.

now i have to say i was in tottal shock when i read this i knew the movie was good and that is was going to sell but i never thought it would get to this point. i don't think this this has ever happed even to a Miyazaki movie. but i have to say reading this rely made me happy because this shows that the US anime industry can still surprise me and prove that even in hard times like this theres still hope. so all i have to say is if you dont what to have to wait to get get this movie buy buy buy now lol


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