Tuesday, February 15, 2011

marvel VS capcom 3 AKA why are my fingers bleeding

hey guys otakunick hear with a review for you i know its been ages since i last reviewed sum thing well your waiting is over because i got one hell of a review for you guys and thats a review on MVC3

now what to start theres rely a hell of a lot to talk about i know lets start with what comes with the special edition well it was a shore thing i would be getting the special edition manly because hell i love MVC to begin with but the special edition rely dus give you your extra 10$ worth in content first off you get a steal case with fantastic front and back cover art  as well as sum cool art on the inside of the case as well that is only for the special edition as well as a shore comic/art books witch i do have to say was a bit underwhelming but over all a nice addition now i come to the main reason i got the special edition and thats the downloadable charters at the back of the art book you get two cods one code is to DL jill from resident evil and shuma-gorath from the Doctor Strange comic now if you get the special edition you will not just be able to enter the code into your xbox or PS3 you willl need to fallow the instructions to get them this is not sum thing i liked i never did it did not work good with mass effect 2 and tho i fallowed the instructions iv sill to get the prober DL code in my email and i put the code in at 12 they say to give it 24 hours but hostly they shud have just giving us the proper code to begin with but thats a small gripe the second code you get is for a one month free trial of marvel online witch is marvels online comic reading services witch i may or may not use i have not decided yet 

next up is the look of the game now its been a long time since MVC 2 and as much as I love sprite based fighting games it was expected for them to go the way of street fighter 4 and make the game using polygon models this is booth good and bad it dus make the game flow better with out the hassle of drawing thousands of charter animations like what blaze blue did but the down side is the charters look a bit plain and un detailed but then again they move so fast and theres so many effects flying during the fight that you barley notes the loss of detail

now on to the music i know what the fuck dos music have to do with a fighting game well without it the game would get old rely fast and MVC3 OST dos not dissonant all the new charters have a theme and even the old charters themes have gotten much needed updates allowing for sum thing fun to listion to when you beet down on your buds or when your the one reeving the beet down

now lets talk about the roster of charters you get 30 to start with 15 on each side with 4 more to unlock once again 2 on each side and allows you to save teams now this would be all well and good but there are sum charters that just feel out of place and ones that are fare to obscure to warrant even being in this game hopefully this will be fixed with more downloadable charters later down the rode but for now i cant help but thing what charters shud rely be in the game and the ones that rely don not belong

and last but not lest the core game play now this game controls are diffident from MVC2 its now using a 4 butten light medium hard and special config rather then the old 2 punch 2 kick butten config  as well as ads simple mode witch negates the need for move input fear not this dos not rely hurt the balance of game play sum one just starting on simply will not be much of a threat to sum one who actually plays normal mode but at the same time it still give new players a fighting chance unlike most other fighting games in addition to that the game also records a shit ton of stats as well as training and mission modes witch help a great deal

now tho i just rely scratched the surface of the game play mechanics i do not rely have the time to go over every little thing so i will be leveeing you hear with this final words i love this game and if you like fighting games your bound to like it to the game plays good the charters tho sum feel like they do not rely belong all are fun to play with and hearing deadpool yell at you thew the screen is fun

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