Tuesday, February 1, 2011

talk about a blast from the past

apparently gonzo is making a new last Exile anime for 2011 and they clam it will not be a retelling or a re release but a all new anime with new story and characters now all this was sed at the TAF (tokyo anime fare) this is also announced that they are making this anime for spectroscopic 3D

now for this new anime gozo will be working with Range Murata character design murata has worked on such anime as blue sub #6 solty rei and most resently Shangri-La so we can probly see character design along the lines of Tetsu Hayami for the adult character and Kuniko Hojo for the kids witch is pretty mutch what it was like for the original last Exile anime

Tetsu Hayami

Kuniko Hojo

personally in nether thrilled nor am i dreading this anime tho i liked last exile it was not the best anime in the world and i am not expecting this new insulation in a pretty much dead franchise to make me say diffidently not to menchon the fact that this will be in 3D personally puts more doubts in my head then hope because 3D is a double edged sword when viewed shud be it dues give a good spectacle but when its viewed any other way its no war near as good nost 3D movies when viewed normally look no ware near as good for instance the new resident evil movie when you watch it in 3D all the slow motion dos not bother you because you have thing flying at you but when seen normally its just a movie that has way to much slow motion seens and i am afraid that this anime will end up like that but thats just what i think

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