Thursday, March 31, 2011

first post of april is not a prank but sum thing better

okay a couple seasons back you guys mite have remembered me talking about a show called working witch was this rely good slice of life anime that focused around a guy working in a family owned restaurant well it turns out there was a count down happening on the animes main site and low and behold it was counting down to a PV for season 2

now the PV has not been subed by anyone yet sadly so all i can show you guys is the RAW but from what info i was able to dig up season 2 will be having a entirely new cast tho oddly enough each and every one of them seem like a throw back to the first cast in one way or another well ether way i like the dynamic of the cast members in the PV so i will be giving this anime a tire when it comes out even if non of the old cast is in it and of course i will be posting more info as i get it

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