Tuesday, April 12, 2011

con servile guide 2011

hey guys i know i have not dune one of theses since i first started the blog but starting this year i will be posting a yearly guide on how to get thew a anime con to help first time con goers and thows that still new to the hole con seen

first off know the cons in you area you may not allwas have to go out of state for a con so my first piece of advice is to fiend your local convention hall and see if there are anime cons taking place there because if htere is one it cud save you tons of gass or a plain ticket on a side note for all my readers in MA we happen to be vary lucky because we have a lot of options for cons there is PAX east, anime boston and afew smaller ones and aside from thows we are surrounded by states that have cons them selfs NY has comiccon and the NY anime festival and candace has cadedacon

once you have found a con to go to you shod take the time to read the cons rules that way you can avode getting kicked out for doing sum thing stupid  like running up to random people cosplaying as a charter you like and tackling them to the ground(not aloud at any con mind you) or sum thing along thos lines

working out transport bolth ways or a place to stay is a must if you can tire using public transportation (essayer on the wallet) ofcorse and if your getting a room at a nearby/connected hotel tire to fined sum pals to go in with you hotels for big name cons are pricey trust me

speeking of price it is allwas a mart idea to make a budget for yourself so you can buy mech, food and still pay for your way home/hotel room and wall we are at it tire to save up for the con over the hole year rather then tiering to come up with the money all at once (way less stressful)

now if you are going to cosplay please heed my advice on the flowing only cosplay charters you share a simpler build to you you are 350LBS you have no place cosplaying as agito from are gear like i have no place buccha or onigiri I am not tiring to be a dick i am just saying it dos not look right

 now depending on witch con you go to there cud be a shit ton of people for example when i pre-registered for anime boston i was in the high 20K and the number of at door regisers are lushly greater then the number of pre-reg so be shore to understand not everyone will have the same taste in anime as you so please don't go up you anime and say what they like is a tarabel show and if anyone ses it to you please just shrug them off because it dos not matter who started a fight the people who run the con will kick bolth you out

and on the topic of a lot of people at sum cons there will be long lines(and i meen long 5 to 8 hour long lines in sum cases ) so have sum thing to entertain yourself like a portable gaming devise, DVD player, MP3 player or book on hand incase you get stuck in a line with no one to talk to

also keep a water bottle handy as well its vary essay to get dehydrated or even get heat stroke (the latter of witch rely sucks when your in a 4 hour line )

if your plaining of going to the same con every year keep in mind that ware things where one dos not mean they will be there the next year so learn the halls full layout that way you can allwas find your way

now if you are with a group of  pals you mite want to set up a meet up location most cons will have a manga library or rest area these are alwas a good place to meet up

now if you fallow this guide you will be well on your way to servicing a anime convention and if any one has anything to add please let me now because this is a ever expanding guide to help people

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