Monday, July 25, 2011

thoughts on higarashi no naku koro ni kira ep 1

thats right two reviews in less then 24 hours im rely working overtime hear lol well anyway you may all now that i have been a higarashi fan for a long time i have watched ever anime and ova of it as well as read sum of the manga so when i saw that they made a new higarashi ova i was happy and ep 1 went pretty much as expected started out happy go lucky but turned dark twords then end

but unlike its predecessors when it turned to the darker end of things it renamed funny ware as the others did not when they got dark you where not laughing but then again its still just the first EP so i will have to wait and see

as for a story as of right now thare is not much of one to talk about Keiichi laments his inability to win at the club when Irie, Ooishi, and Tomitake drop from the ceiling to help there so called soul brother (this is a joke from rei that seems to been brout over) and hijinks issue

now thats rely all i can say about kira because the main story of the ova has not relay been hinted to just yet but i will leave you with one more thing to think over this ova has better art then any of the previous anime or ovas to date and i look forword to the next ep

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