Wednesday, October 19, 2011

otakunick anime reviews (Alien nine)

hey guys otakunick hear with a new review now then all my reviews for a bit will be old anime iv watched because iv yet to settel into my new place so once i do i will be back to watching and reviewing new anime but un till then alien nine

Yuri Ootani, a girl who has been afraid of aliens, has been chosen to be on the alien party with the class president Kumi Kawamura, whose only intention to join the alien party is to get out of presidential duties, as well as Kasumi Tomine who is perfect at everything she does, including fighting all the aliens that come in their way. But can they defeat a massive alien who has already abducted Kasumi? now then i know it dos not sound to interesting but it is pretty good in fact its only real problem is its not the full story around ep 3 they intraduse a rely interesting idea but dos nothing with it thats because this anime stops befor it deals with it witch is rely its only draw back

the animation is a hand draw style but vary nicely detaled the music is fun and fits with the anime quorky story sadly i cant talk to you about the JAP dub because I have only watched the ENG but as ENG dubs go this one is not haff bad not the beast but not clannad ENG dub bad eather

so all and all id say this would be a dos not add on to your colection but at the same time i would not go running out and grab no mater the price sruch around and find a good price befor getting it

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