Thursday, November 3, 2011

moving is such a bitch but at lest i still have working season 2

hey guys I'm back after moving hear to NH and i must say moving is a bitch i never knew just how much crap i owned till i had to pack it all away and then unpack it again the new place is great tho plenty of space and lookg great not to Menuhin its a lot more peaceful then my old place so when i get around to doing a new EP of the pod cast there will not be as many distractions and interruptions tho there will have to be a cast switch up you will still hear curt rich tylor and brenden but more often then not you will be hearing me and nate more then all of us but il tire to get them on as much as posabel now then iv yet to give you guys a review on a new show for sum time so how about i let you guys now how i feel about working!! season 2

what can i say it picks up right ware it left off and makes you feel like it had not even left just like ika masume witch just like ika masume is probably the best thing about this show even more then the art music or even the Voice work witch is a real credit to Takatsu, Karino the Original Creator who has only written working and nothing else as fare as i can find out

thare has not been any additions to the cast instead for now they seem to be focusing on sum of the cast that had not gotten as much of the spot light as others in the last season like Takanashi, Izumi one of Takanashi, Souta sisters she praticly gets a full EP to herself witch i rely liked the fact that they are going this way with the story it will alow them to get more from the cast latter on

art musiv and voice work are all about the same as last season pritty good with sum that rely stand out such as Popura Taneshima's Asumi, Kana best known for her work as Tachibana, Miya in aragami SS, Aoi Yamada's Hirohashi, Ryou better known as clannads Fujibayashi, Kyou and ofcorse Jun Satou's Ono, Daisuke who sud forget Koizumi, Itsuki from haruhi or shizuho from durarara and ofcorse the little camio he did as himself on lucky star

over all im saying if you watched season one then youl probably like to watch this as well and if you havent check season one out if you like it finish it then give season two a spin untill next time please keep reading

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