Monday, December 5, 2011

otakunicks anime reviews (gundam unicorn ep4)`

Hey guys its me Otakunick and boy do i got a review for you. As you all know by now I am as big of a Gundam fan as it comes. I have seen every gundam anime and OVA that has come out in the last 30 odd years and I intend on watching every gundam that comes. So, you should have seen this one coming miles away so before i start rambling lets get into the review. Oh and one more thing I will be putting spoilers in this review so if you hate spoilers and have not seen the new ep of gundam unicorn go out and watch it then read the review.

Okay the story picks up right after the last Ep Audrey(AKA Mineve Zabi)had escaped to Earth with the help of Riddhe Marcenas. Who takes her to his father a big wig in the federation thinking he can help her only to find out his family is not so Nobel as he once thought. which causes some problems resulting in mineve running away only to have a talk with a diner owner which solidified her resolve on her next course of action. While at the same time Banagher has found himself in the company of Suberoa Zinnerman captain of the NEO Zeon ship from the last 3EPs. And for some time it looks like the captain had won Banagher over until the last battle of the EP were the two have a major falling out over the ethical implications of slaughtering a inter city along with the targeted base. Which ends with the two coming to blows with one another while captain Bright Noa leads a strike force to take down the NEO Zeon forces attacking said city. And as all this is going down Marida cruz (aka Ple Twelve) has been taken to anaheim electronics HQ in order to be used as a weapon in their new unicorn banshee

Now then with the story out of the way i get to talk about the series from a pure production standard and what can I say it looks and sounds just as good as the last 3 EPs there is nothing more. All i can say is brights new voice actor Narita, Ken was a good choice he really slipped into the role nicely sounding almost the same as Suzuoki, Hirotaka but went further giving bright some more age in his voice. Even though some will say its not needed as Unicorn is only set 3 years after chars Counterattack but none the less i liked it.

so that's really all i have to say another great installment of a good OVA and i cant wait for the next EP

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