Saturday, March 17, 2012

otakunicks retro review (devil hunter yohko)

hey guys its me otakunick and to be honest I rely shud be in bed right now Im barly abel to keep myself up thanks to being sick as a dog but after you guys whated for 3 weeks and me not giveing to a review last week Im gana do as kamina would say and grit my teath and do a review lol

so yea todays review is another retro review as thy are so much easyer to do lol and today Im pulling out what is maby my oldest gilty plesher OVA devil hunter yohko let my exsplane this OVA first aird in japan in 1990 and ended 1995(OVAs back then wher ushaly better quolaty then the stuff on tv so it tuck more time and money to make them) but me being in the US I didint see it till thy brout it ver her on the anime network ondamand(I miss that time)around 2002 now then this was my first time watching sumthing from madhouse and I was just floored by the art and animation now then the Original Character Design was a person by the name of Miyao, Gaku and as far as I can tell this is the only one of thare works to be animated but but dispite that the OVA came ot great to this day I love it the art music and story are all nice the story beeing the weekest part thow as its pretty ganaric even by its standerds and sum of the seens play out like this was going to be a hentai at first but that just adds to the charm

Yohko Mono is a regular girl making her way through high school--until she learns that she is the 108th successor to a line of warriors charged with defending the earth against demons. Eventually she must fight her ultimate battle against the demon who started it all.

so over all I say give this one a watch if you dont like it then go watch sumthing els but if yo like 90s anime and OVas this one cant hurt

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