Sunday, April 15, 2012

otakunicks review's Busou Shinki Moon Angel also big announcement

hey guys its me otakunick and today I have sum thing to tell you no I am not shutting the site down this is one of the few things that keeps me from going completely insane no what I had in mind was stooping the first thought reviews as i never get round to doing reviews when the show is over I think I shud just wait and make my reviews at the end of the season and I mite even give my end of season tops kinda a must see list as it was ofcorse Im not makeing such a big chang without asking you the reders what you think so if you like my first thought reviews nows the time to voice up if I dont hear anything about it this week I will be stopping it but dont worry I got plany of anime Iv yet to review a good 5 or 6 hundread or so with that out of the way lets get on to the new review

 this week I got a ONA to talk about but befor I get into that for thows that dont know a ONA is a original net animation and like a OVA is not aired on TV it is aired on line to streem and is latter brout out on DVD and blu ray and i have to say I am glad I waited for the blu ray reles of this ONA because when I first watche the first ep last year it was bad the resalution was so small that I cud not read the subs and when I inlarged it it looked like shit but now I was abel to see it in beautefull 720p and I have to say its a nice ONA

now for the story as this was a ONA that only had like 10 5 minet epasodes i cant rely give a summary of the story without giveing spoilers so hers your woring if you rather not know the full story skip this next paragraph An Arnval Shinki unit is injured whilst trying to escape from another Shinki unit named Strarf. She is found by a boy named Tsubasa, who repairs her and names her Kaguya. During a battle against another Shinki, Kaguya suddenly demonstrates a strange power taking over her, becoming separated from Tsubasa whilst trying to escape the angry crowd. She encounters Strarf, who tells her she is a specialised Shinki developed as a weapon and takes her back to a secret institute. After hearing the situation from a man named Ken, Tsubasa goes with him to infiltrate the institute and save Kaguya, who had once again gone berserk. As Tsubasa manages to get Kaguya back to her senses, a large weaponized Shinki named Athena activates and goes out of control. As Strarf puts herself in Athena's body to try and control her, Kaguya and Tsubasa become determined to get her back and together manage to defeat Athena. Afterwards, Strarf joins up with Kaguya and Tsubasa, who begins working at Ken's hobby shop. now this isint the most complex story but this was more of a big figer camershal for the susou shinki figuer line and unlike gundam was not ever intended to stand on its on as a anime but even so it was a pretty fun watch
as for the art its proty good not the best in the world but it defanelty looks nice not the beast thing that TNK and Kinema Citrus have come out with but as it stands it culd have been alot wores as konami wher the ones putting up the cash for this production and Im shore I dont have to say how much of a mess thy have been getting them selfs into the bast 2 or 3 years now
and as for the music its okay like the animation not the best in the world but it works on sum level I gess but it culd have been alot better
over all Im giveing this ONA a pass its not sumthing Id show sum one to get them into anime but if your got 30 minets to kill you cud defanetly spend it doing sumthing worse then watching this till next time keep watching anime

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