Monday, September 24, 2012

otakunick reviews (code geass Nunnally in Wonderland)

Hey guys otakunick her with a new review for you today its the new code geass OVA Nunnally in Wonderland. the story is as fallowed nunnally and leluch are relaxing in a Meadows sumwar talking and as they talk nunnally asks leluch to tell her a story like he did when they where still kids. And leluch being well leluch he gos overboard and uses his geass to comaned the inter cast of code geass to act out the story he narrates and the story in question is alice in wonderland thow replacing alice with nunnally and all the charters from the show show up as difrent charters from the story.

   Now then the first thing you might notest about this OVA is the animation or the lack thare of. It seems that sunrise has desied to make this like one of the CD dramas from when the show was still airing and I have to say it works. If thare was one thing rely wrong with code geass it was how the charters tend to move and thats thanks to clamps original charter design. they just dont animate well never have but using vary little animation to the point that only sum seens even have any movment bast fading in or out rely works in the OVAs vafer. but dont get me wrong its not all stills thare are sum animated sceens and I have to say they are all the more fun with the overall lack of animation. As for the art over all its just as good if not better then the TV animes like I sed befor clamps work alwas looks beast when still it alows them to get as estravagent as they like hence all the concept are for code geass looks great but when its animated it tens to loose almost all detail and I have to say if this was animated normaly it would look no ware ner as good.

  Next on the rundown is the voice work. Its alwas fun to see voice acters acholy have fun with the roles they play it gives a wormth to the production thats rely needed. And if the cast for this OVA just phoned it in like so many do for little projects like this I dont think I would have liked it. And on a persanal note i happy to hear Norio Wakamoto as Charles zi Britannia once again hell I just love hearing norio wakamoto in genareil hes probly my favreat VA and just like in all his other roles he rely steels any sceen hes in. 

Now then the music has to be the weekest part in the OVA not because its bad oh god its just as good as the anime is fact thats the problem it is the animes sound track all the OVA dose is rip tracks from season one and twos soundtracks without adding anything new. Witch is to be exspected I held no delution that they would do anything els but still it would have been nice to hear sum new tracks see to how Nakagawa, Koutarou would deal with a alice in wonderland.

Over all I liked this OVA its only 28 minuets long and for fans of the show its fun to see witch charter plays witch in fact befor watching the OVA I made a list of who would be who and I sugest you do too.

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