Tuesday, October 9, 2012

anime fun facts

Hey guys its me otakunick and im starting a new thing as Im getting bord of just doing anime reviews so i figered Id put my near encyclopedic knowledge of anime to use. And teach you guys sum fun facts about anime that you may or may not know first up Martian Successor Nadesico. 

Fun fact one : The nedsico anime is infact a Parody of bolth super robot and real robot anime and as such you can find just about every robot anime stereotype in it. 

Fun fact two: The Original Creator of nadesico is also the Original Creator of Silent Mobius and Steam Detectives. Witch bolth aird one year after nadesico ened so if you liked ether you can probly thank nadesico for them.

Fun fact three: Nadesico had sum of the most well known voice acters in japan work on it. Fuch as akidos tenkawas voice acter Ueda, Yuji was Havoc FMA brotherhood and Takeshi (brock) pokemon. Gay diagojis VA Seki, Tomokazu is probly best know as Gilgamesh from all the fate stay anime or maby Domon from G gundam. And everyone who likes code geass should recanise  Ruri Hoshino's VA Minami, Omi as shes the VA of Euphemia li Britannia, and know to a lesser exstent as one of the voices of Eucliwood Hellscythe from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead.

Fun fact for: The nadesico movie was origanaly sapost to be the 3rd season of the show but do to lack of sales cut cut down into a movie. And as for the 2nd season ended up becoming a a sega satern game called nadesico a blink of three years. 

Well that dos it for anime fun facts i hope you guys found out sum intaresting tidbits and if thars a anime youd like me to do a segment on next please let me know