Wednesday, November 21, 2012

otaku news we may get more gundam rage(age) in one form or another

The official Twitter account for the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime posted a rough sketch of the characters Asemu and Zeheart by designer Michinori Chiba on Wednesday. According to producer Masakazu Ogawa, the staff is considering plans for presenting more of the two characters' story in some form. The staff did not say that more anime has been green-lit. Chiba drew this sketch for these tentative plans, which Ogawa previously mentioned in September.

Asemu was the main character of the second generation in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime, and Zeheart was a major antagonist of his. The television series premiered in October of 2011, and it ended on September 23, 2012, shortly before Ogawa mentioned the tentative plans.

okay I know the show rely went down hill in the latter part of the last genaration and the second gen rely didint get much. so please dont hate me for hopeing that we do get more of the seconed genartion in anime form. out of all three I think the 2nd gen had the most potenchal out of the three to do sum cool stuff. But being that it was the 2nd gen it rely didint get the love it deserved. so Im going to be optamistic about this okay guys.

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