Wednesday, December 26, 2012

OtakuHome News manga creator Kobayashi gets yet another death threat

Manga creator Yoshinori Kobayashi reported on Tuesday that the publisher Gentosha received a phone call earlier in the morning that said, "I will plant a bomb on the street that Kobayashi travels." Kobayashi said that the call has been reported to the police. As a manga creator, he is known for Gōmanism Sengen and other works that express his conservative, nationalistic views.

Update: This is the second year in a row that Kobayashi receved a threat on Christmas. Last year, the threat was, "I will set fire to anti-nuclear manga creators." Kobayashi became an anti-nuclear commentator after the March 2011 earthquake and the resulting crisis at the Fukushima nuclear reacto. storys like this rely piss me off whats wrong with being anti-nuclear  people shore its a good power sorce but its also one of the world most deadly wepons and truth be tolf I would think japan would be the absalutly last cuntry to whaint anything to do with nucks after WW2 but thats just me I geass

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