Sunday, December 2, 2012

OtakuNews DLE inc opening up hear in the US

Japanese animation production company DLE Inc. (Thermae Romae, Haiyoru! Nyaru-Ani, Eagle Talon) is setting up an American branch this month. DLE America, Inc. received funding from Silicon Valley-based Fenox Venture Capital, a company that specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in North America achieve global expansion in Asian and European markets.

DLE Inc. is looking to take its "Fast Animation Business" model of of mass-producing high-quality animation with a fast turnaround and expanding it into North American markets. The company is looking to not only export its existing content, but to also produce animation for North American television and film.

Fenox's website also notes that DLE America Inc. will provide "a one-stop business solution for clients who require original multimedia design, development, production and distribution as part of business identity or marketing."

Now I am rely happy aout this manly do to the fact that in the last 10 years I have seen alot of anime distributers fall one after the other ADV, 4kids, and bandai to name just a few. So seeing a distributer open its doors rather then close them is good news to me. Also the idea of not only bring ing anime over from japan but make sum animation serries for the US sounds like sumthing the other distributers shpuld have started atlest 5 years ago.

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