Monday, December 28, 2009

F-on AMV

if you asked any of my freands what two animes I think are the apitamy in music theyed tell you macross and K-on and if you asked then who my favret chariters in eatch wer thwyd probly say azunyan for k-on and well klan from macross f but thats a difrent story I just fownd a AMV of the kaon girls doing ranka le's seikan hikou mikumiku and the nyan nyan dace and the head liner in bloth is azunyan

the only down fall to this vids are its rankas voice and anyone that knows me wood tell you I fucking hear ranka I finde her to the the most anoying of all macross women I wood have loved to her bolth soungs in azunyans and the others k-on girls voices but what can you do

and you no what Im thowing a nother azunyan vid in for the hell of it

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