Sunday, December 27, 2009

first thouts spice and wolf ENG dub

I was browsing funamations site just now and cout the traler for the fisrt season of spice and wolf and I got a smal gripe with it and that is horos voice sounds a bit to machor I meen I know shes saposed to be hundreds of years old but still her looks are that of a girl thats no more then 16 to 18 and she sounds like shes in het late 20s the voice just dusint fit her but on the other hand Lawrences voice seems to fit better then the japanese dub sorry Jun Fukuyama your perfect as lelouch but as lawrence you have the same problem as the women doing the ENG horo but in your case you sound to young to be a 30 year old man

Im not saying that the ENG dub shud be avoded by all meens please go out and buy spice and wolf season one when it comes out becuse I will I love this show I lernd more abowt comers from wotching it then I did in my bissnes class Im just saying thars a slite miss casting from what i heard witch wasint mutch just horos introduction mabby Il be wrong and this VA will do horos selfish and inmachur voice witch we hear more then we hear her machur and wise voice sum good and evin if it duseint thars alwas the japanese adio with subs(yea yea i know what your thinking ofeshol subs suck but just becuse a sub dusint have a good looking fount jusint meen its not a good sub I meen yea the transations can be off sumtimes but thats the same with fan subs too thars no 100% when transationg one langwig to another )

so my first thouts on the ENG dub is it seems to have a miscasting but Im still optamistic for its relese becuse I know the story is good anuph to overshadow sumthing as minor as that

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