Monday, December 14, 2009

Rebuild of Evangelion 1.11 you are (not) alone

yes I now i promused id be reviewing 11 eyes today but I just finished DLing the definativ vetion of the first new eva movie and being a eva fanboy Im kinda ablagaid to review it over anything els but fear not the 11 eyes review will go up today as well just latter

oky lets get started sume of you mite now what evangelion is but for thows few that dont evangelion is an anime that has gone down in infomy as the anime no one understands (despite it being quite essy to undersand id you 1 watch it from ep 1 to 26 and watch the end of eva movie) but to just give you alil insite hears what the superfishol outlook on the show its a mecha anime that fols sumwar betwen real and super robot but that is relly only whats its abowt on the surfus deep down its acholy a analasis on persanalaty and soshel disorters cunsitering evry cast member has one (what for my chaiter rundown latter to find out whos got what)and the gaint robots and the subsaquent monster aleins thay have to fight is manly used to dra people in and is used to move the story along witch happens to be beutfolly wrighting in olth the origanol and the new movies but you didint come hear to hear me rambol on abowt the origanol anime you whant to now abowt the movie

well to start things off the animeation is beautefull I nerly cryed when I saw eva unit 1 completly redune with new CG and when its in action not one millasecont is lost to bad fram rates (thow that cude be due to the fact I DLed the 720P blu-rei vertion) and the adio was just as good evry sound was just as crisp as the animation and all traces of the problems from the 1.1 and 1.0 DVD releses are gone(erly er DVD releses ha serus darknus isuse to the pont that the night seens cudint evin been seen) so in disc quolaty alone this is the difinativ vertion of this movie and thar shud be no resun to go out and buy the 1.1 DVD relese just what from 1.11 to be relesed this march pluse that vertion whont have the 105 or so fixes and delleted seens in them that 1.11 duse

and its not just the disc quolaty thats grat abowt this movie eva 1.11 is the first of 4 new movies that will tell a new story of eva bye reteling the onld so basicly the first movie falows the firs copel of EPs almost to the letter with only a smal amont of change whar as the others chang the story more and more and the cast is just as good as they wer when they fisted made eva

over all I give Rebuild of Evangelion 1.11 you are (not) alone a 10 out of 10

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