Thursday, December 17, 2009

shigofumi letters from the dead?

I resintly finished watching shigofumi and it was relly good only 13 EPs long but it dusint wast any of them and the story is intrasing to say the lest you relly get a feel for the cast

at first the show starts out like hell girl meets UPS as you falow a young girl named fumiko delever latters from the departed to thar resptev resevers this latters are the last sentamet of people that have died and are not allwas good or bad fumiko sed it the best way "a shigofumi id nether good or bad its just the truth" and as you can inmagen not evryone is open to reseving a letter from sumones thats dead but fumiko dus her job with the otmost dilagens evin when her job drugis up her own past in witch the second haff of the story deels with witch leeds to what I think to be a good ending

one thing that rellt stud out for me was the OP Kotodama witch was dune by the ALI PROJECT a group best known for ther uniquck musicol style and sum mite rember them from the Dot Hack//Roots in witch thy did the ENDing theme

honistly the show dusint haf any real flaws that need to be ponted out the only resun this show dusint get a 10 is becus Iv seen so many shows from its respectiv ganra so I fowind it pretty prodictabol when it cam to all the shocking moments but thats not the shows falt that me for being a mind fuck anime junky so I had to give this a 9 out of 10

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