Monday, January 11, 2010

dragn ball evalution

I alredy new how tarabol this was going in but nowing how bad it is and seeing are to difrent things first off let me say that thar is no resun for anyone to see this movie it has no apele at all infact in my opinyon this movie shud never be talked abowt agen after Im dune with this review they completly fucked up gokus back story uzaru is no whar neer a big as he shud be and why the fuck is thar air bending in my dragon ball I meen that was never mentioned in the anime nonr the manga but let me stop ranting and acholy brack this shit piol down

CGI well its medioker looks tarabol the key looks like colord smoke piccalos demos looked like snot monsters hell the only good this was bulmas bicks transformation

acting well that was werst then the CGI not one of the acters gave a cunvinsing praformuns but then agen the story they had to work wit was complet shid well you now what im just gana stop this right now thats right the dragon ball movie dusint evin deserv a proper review

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