Wednesday, January 13, 2010

first thouts on chu-bra

yes i now on my wat Im going to watch list this was one i wasint gana watch but sadly all my subers are slow on geting the new EPs out and I was stuck with nuthing to do so I DLed the first 2 eps of chu-bra and as a reviewer I have to say this isint a completly horabol anime like I first thout it wood be but Im not saying its good by all meens its not Im just saying its not the worst anime to ever come out

the story thow not to my likeing and having sum serus problems may acholy pruve to be good for a few chuckols evin if its just at how bad the story is and the chariters are also varry stariotiacol for the animes premus witch seems more fiting for a hentai then an anime

te VA work if acholy one of the animes few good ponts the voices fit each chariter and the Vas themselfs acholy seem to to be takeing the job serus (if I was on the cast i can tell you I probly woodint be giveing 100% on an anime like this) and the music is fiting a bubboly pop type

so all in all if they work on the dialog and the story I can see this anime acholy haveing sum potenchol put I wont be holding my breath for it i give chubra 5 discrontoled A-cups out of 10

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