Wednesday, January 6, 2010

looks like its back to school for me

thats right guys today marks the beging of my 2nd turm of year 2 for my school thows of you that go to my youtube alredy now what I go to school for and for thows that dont Im a student at NESOP(new englend school of photography) and Im curint ly in my last year that yes its only a 2 year school but thay cram you with more info into you in that time then mass art can in 4 but you guys are probly whondering why the fuck am I talking abowt my school on an anime blog well the anser to that is since this is my last year I need to bukel down and do my best so that meens I mite be slow with my posts on bulth hear and on my youtube but fear not that meens when i do have the spar time I will post motabol times if pasabol to make up for the slow posts and lastly sum blog news I am makeing konata the mascot for my blog so all posts like this will have a pic of konata with it if your wondering why its becuse ses my favret anime chariter and in fact she a female anime vertion of me down to the dreen eyes (Im working on the long blue hair i whana go as te male konata from the de-capo parody op then did in one EP)

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