Thursday, January 7, 2010

first thouts on Dance in the Vampire Bund

for a long time I new abowt this manga and evin read a copel chapters of it in the store but nevet bout it becuse evry time another monga I needed was out but now the anime vetion of the show has come out and it seems to keep the same feel of the manga witch is good becuse thats what dew me to it in the first place

the are is simaler to ride back as in its more of a realistic art style so the bodys have proper paportions with an over all mewted color palit like death note witch adds to the theme of the story varry well thow the first haff of the EP was abit dule it was needed to set things up for the second haff of the ep and subsaquently the rest of the serres

becuse this being the first ep thar was no Op(I now thars alot of animes that do have Ops in EP 1 but thar are quite alot that dont)
so I cant tell you what i think of that till I do my ferther touts on the serres at the haff way pont but the ending theme was relly good with a olternativ rock theme witch if its any indacater on what tone the OST will take Il be varry plesed becuse this show needs a havvy soude to go with the over all dark tone of the show

all in all I gave the first EP a 7 out of ten but if it cuntinus like I thick it will Im shore in my finole review this show will be geting a 10 I sagest ou fine this anime and watch it


amu96 said...

i am gonna watch this after i am done with watching the second season of ai yori aoshi. i think that i will like it cause i am in to vampire anime.

otakunick said...

well I dont think well be disaponted by this anime its more dark then most of the highschool drama shows abowt vampires weve been force feed resently Id but it sumwat betwen vampire hunter D and helsing on the dark meter